Friday, March 11, 2016

Fine Dining

A very cold start to the day...in the 30s.
All the girls had to be switched from wearing sheets to their blankets.
You know who needed more grooming than the others.

Much of the day remained gloomy.

After chores I went to Agape.
20 minutes bike/12 minutes treadmill/11 minutes elliptical.
By late afternoon the sun came out and the temperature went up to 45...
but it sure did not feel like it.
After working outside, Gary read in the library and I watched a movie.
Richard Gere....about a homeless man.  Kind of weird.
 Karen had chore duty.

 At 6 we drove down to Brockport for a dinner party.
The sunset was beautiful, but we were
 in the car and I could not get any great shots while we were moving.

 Rich and Joan have a glassed in back porch and we started off there.
 A beautiful setting.
 There were 9 of us and the table was very welcoming.

 Our meal was delicious.
Lasagna, homemade meatballs, Italian sausage with peppers and onions, green beans,
bread and salad.
 Joan made a fabulous pound cake from scratch and topped it with fresh berries 
and some ice cream for dessert.
All of us were ready for a nap by 9:30.
 We have known all of these people for decades.
Such a pleasure, filled with lots of conversation and laughs.

Home by 10...now it's almost 11 and I am ready to put on some pjs.
Night all.
60 degrees on deck for tomorrow.

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