Monday, March 14, 2016

Catching Up After Springing Ahead

This was one ugmo morning.

 After chores I drove down to Agape.  Changed my whole game plan.  Instead of starting on the bike, I went straight for the elliptical.  15 minutes there, 16 on the treadmill and ended with 20 on the bike.  Worked much better, getting the hardest thing done first.
Yesterday one of our neighbors arrived (while we were at the Klein party) to remove our manure pile.  When he took the first load to his farm, the truck and dump trailer got stuck so he could not return until today.

All gone!
 When Gary got home he raked this all up and now it looks great.

The later it got, the more bright sunshine appeared.  Fortunately we only had light rain earlier.

Made dinner a little earlier as I had a meeting tonight.
Coleslaw...this time I added pineapple to the cabbage/apple/carrot/raisin mix.
 Hoffman's German hots with beans
 that we jammed onto one toasted roll cut in half.
 Karen is putting the horses in later now, as I can't see tucking them in when it is still so light out.

 The sunset was so gorgeous I had to pull off the road to grab some shots (on my way to the village).

 Back home and ready to veg.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful skies! Good idea with the exercise. I'm impressed with your progress. We started putting them in later too.

  2. Ah, spring sights n smells on a farm. Love it all! :-)

  3. Beautiful sunset! We compost all of our manure along with the wasted/old hay. Jason does love his compost piles.


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