Monday, March 28, 2016

Back and Forth, Back and Forth

I woke up to rain.
 Fortunately it stopped before the girls went out.

 The front paddock was a disaster area in the mud department.

 At 9:45 I was at Agape.  Best day yet.
Elliptical/20 minutes, treadmill/23 minutes, bike/20 minutes.
 Judy was there at the same time....
 so we decided to have a salad when we were finished.
Tried Coleen's, but she does not do salads.
 Ended up a Java.
 By the time I got back home, the temperature had fallen by at least 10 degrees and we had spitting rain off and on.
 A 2:30 meting at The Center put me back in Brockport.
Mary, Danielle and I met to finalize the colors for the upcoming big painting project.
 Left at 4 and it was pouring!
Fortunately, Gary had a nice fire going when I arrived back at the farm.
Before I had a chance to enjoy it, the horses needed to be put in.
They were starting to get very wet and the wind was wild.
 Loved dinner tonight.
A salad...
 sloppy Joes and corn.
 At 6:45 I was back on the road, headed for a meeting at the Village Hall.
Busy, busy....but important.
Finally home about 8:30, ready to crash.
Night all.


  1. Another busy busy day. I don't know how you fit it all in! Great workout at Agape!


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