Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Have You Ever Been to a Food Truck Rodeo?

 Headed for another muggy day in the mid 80s.

Our first wild yellow roses were waiting for me this morning.  We have no idea how the landed in our garden.

 Right after chores I mowed the lawn, 

then got cleaned up and met Sally down at Java for lunch.
No rush.  So nice.
Got back to the farm about 2 and decided

 that the spinach was ready to be picked.  In spite of the lack of rain, everything has been growing very well.  By afternoon, the spinach is in the shade and I think it will not bolt as fast.
 Gary planted a new row and we should be good for quite awhile.

 The raspberries are out of control and Gary needs to get some wires up for support.
 Had a call from my friend Helen and we decided to go into the Food Truck Rodeo, which is held at the Public Market in Rochester on the last Wednesday of each month (May-October).
Gary got home from Sara's around 4 and had just enough time to get cleaned up before we left.
 A gorgeous day and 87 degrees by then.  It's a darn good thing there was a nice breeze.

The Public Market is quite the place.
 Even tho it was just 5 o'clock, we had to jockey around for a parking place as it was already packed. 

Jenny joined us as she works only a few minutes away.
 Helen's granddaughter (Shaina) had her truck there.  
"Effortlessly Healthy" 
and her thing is paleo plates.  This young woman has built up an incredible business...catering, home deliveries...and now she has taken over a store front in Rochester where you can pick up meals to go.  She is very creative and her food hits the spot.
 Jen was starving, so she, Gary and I all ordered the same thing.
Her trash plate....grilled chicken, bacon and avacado served over sweet potatoes and coleslaw.
Absolutely delicious!!!!  Trust me.

 After we finished, we cruised the entire area to see what was available.  You can only eat so much.
So we bought some cider fried cakes to take home.

 There must have been 40 trucks with every kind of food imaginable.  Gumbo, pulled pork, smoothies, Pittsburgh style sammies, mac and cheese with lobster, tacos, wraps, specialty coffees, stone fired pizzas, meatballs, baklava and much more.

 Helen, Mel, Alicia, Herb, Jen and I all brought our own chairs and sat in the shade overlooking the live bands that were playing.

 Wish you could have been there!  Such fun and I'll bet there were 3000 or more people in attendance.
A real hit in Rochester.  Make sure we take you there if you come for a visit.
Night all


  1. Wow, nothing like that down here anywhere, I would be lost for a choice.

  2. Fresh raspberries sound better than aythig right now - you are in for quite the harvest!

  3. Looks like great place to get any kind of food you could possibly want. I haven't had homemade root beer in years. My husbands uncle used to make it. He lived in New Berlin on a huge farm. They made everything from scratch, even ketchup.

  4. Everything about this post was wonderful. A food truck rodeo sounds beyond fabulous! Fresh, homegrown spinach and raspberries? Heavenly!


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