Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Have Arrived!

This was the most perfect day I could have asked for.
Beautiful weather all day long.
 Approaching 70 is just right for being energetic and warm at the same time..
 As soon as the girls went out, all but Berlin rolled within minutes.

 Remember the pine tree I was talking about?  Tomorrow they are supposed to take it down.
 I hope it goes well, as it is in a very precarious place.
 I downsized my bouquet again.  Only a few flowers left to brighten up the kitchen.

 Gary started priming on the north side of the indoor.... I hope he does not have to do a lot of painting.  This winter did a number on it.

Around two I decided to go on my first trike ride of the season.


 Decided to go over to Shamra's to see how she was doing.
 On the way, I rode past a swampy area and could not believe the sound.  It was loaded with frogs.

 When I arrived, there were all kinds of flowers in bloom on each side of her driveway.

 The chickens looked like happy campers...
 and she sent me home with four dozen fresh eggs.  It's a good thing I have a big basket on my trike.
 I got back to the farm 1 1/2 hours later and did some raking.  This morning I pulled out a huge patch of bamboo so we could get rid of it and the other brush at the end of the month.  All kinds of activity.
 Gary worked in the garden for hours.  The garlic looks very healthy and he finished putting in some leeks.

 Picked up a Cubano to go for dinner and forgot to take pictures.
Did not go out to do chores until 7.
 Got everything ready and called the girls in for dinner.

Night all

My friend Kendra played with one of my photographs with a program called "Waterlogue."
Pretty neat.


  1. I can hear the joy of spring in your words and the horses rolling just says it all. So glad you took advantage of the beautiful day.

  2. I love the Waterlougue! That is cool.
    That said, thank goodness spring is headed your way.
    Warm here today and yes that is a crop out mini in the little paddock. He is our Houdini!

  3. So glad you, the horses, pups and Gary could enjoy such a beautiful day. Loved the frogs too. Happy spring, Lori!

  4. There's nothing like warm weather and sunshine to make you feel like doing things. Sounds like you got lots accomplished!

  5. Sure looks beautiful and quite peaceful
    Lily & Edward


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