Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 A chilly start to the day, but lots of sunshine.

 Class at 10:30...so happy to be back out in the Studio.

 Two new students today.  LuAnne and Pam.

 After class, 7 of us drove to Hilton for lunch followed by a walk over to the Parma Library
 where Len was having a one man show.

 He's been very busy and his work is beautiful.
 Back to the farm after 3 and let the horses have a few hours in the grass paddock.

 We ate dinner early.
Made a great salad...greens, onions, Greek olives, marinated asparagus, roasted red pepper and hard boiled eggs.  I could go for another one right now.  Delish!!!
 The red lentil soup was even better than it was last night.
 Tucked the girls in...
 and left for a 7pm meeting.

It must have hit 65 by this afternoon and will be in the mid 30s by morning.
Chorus tomorrow.  Who knows if I can sing with my voice in a lower register after coughing my brains out for two weeks.
Night all.


  1. Down here, 4C at 5 a.m. Fire lit, very snug inside. The one man show, what a wonderful display, and so varied. So good you are finally getting some warmer days.

  2. I can't believe how quickly you jumped to 80F! We've been creeping up slowly -- yesterday was quite cool (50s) and chilly. I think this weekend we will hit the mid 70s. I bought some colored pencils and an "adult" coloring book (animals of course). I've never worked with colored pencils before -- took one drawing class in college and was pretty incompetent. I'm having fun and think about your class while I am shading and layering and having fun.


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