Thursday, July 24, 2014

Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1 took place at the farm.  What a cool down.

 It felt so good to me, and I'm sure the girls loved it.

 Judy stopped up for some veggies and then I spent a couple of hours mowing.

 At 4:15 I had a meeting with the Town Supervisor to see about the formation of a committee to study the possibilities for the Senior Center.  It's going to happen.

Hurried home to do chores so I could get back down to the village.

Part 2 took place at the Welcome Center.   Summer Serenades featuring 
Zak's Pak!  What a band!!!!  They can play anything...blues, country, rock, jazz...

 It sure would be fun to have them come up for a gig in the barn.  We have had many bands for parties in the indoor.  The acoustics are terrific.

 The audience loved them.


 Thank you Pam Ketchum and "associates" for the beautiful gardens at the Welcome Center!

The band played until dark, even tho they were supposed to be done at 8:30.
A fun time.  I hope they will be back next summer!
Night all.


  1. Good news on the Senior Center!

  2. I looks like it was an idyllic summer day/evening.
    Hooray for Senior Center! Congrats for all your efforts and support.


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