Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's A LONG Story...

 After chores I went to Agape, then I stopped off at
 the Welcome Center where Carol and Topper were on duty.
 Lucky and Doug were there too, along with
 Bridgette, Carol and Topper's granddaughter.
 Only one boat was in the area.
 The reason I stopped there was to let C and T know that in spite of the cool and cloudy weather, our grandkids still wanted to go out to their place in the afternoon.
Got home and checked out the raspberry situation while Gary filled a big basket with rhubarb
 At 1:30 we went down to Jenny's and picked up the kids.

We drove through some rain, and by the time we got to the lake (Ontario) the sun was shining and it was beautiful!

 Lucky Blue was also visiting.

 Even though the lake was rough and it was windy, Daniela an Cooper wanted to go out in the kayak.

How about this for a form of transportation?
 There is a yacht club at the end of this beach and when we were not looking, the kids all ended up down there fishing!

 As per usual, Carol outdid herself in the snack department.
 We all enjoyed her efforts...believe me.
 Whenever I go out to the lake I realize how much I miss living near one.  Grew up on Chautauqua Lake in western New York and had a simple Huckleberry Finn childhood living in and on the water.  Our grandkids all love going out to visit Carol and Topper...we try to do it each summer when the girls are visiting from Las Vegas.

Home a little before 5 and ordered (by request) a couple of pizzas from Ralph and Rosie's.  Tomorrow they all leave for Atlantic City so this was our last meal together.

 While everyone chatted, I went out to do chores.

 It's quiet here now and I am pooped.  But boy! did I love hangin' out at the lake.
Night all.


  1. Love the boats and the lake. It's so beautiful.

  2. Growing up by a lake sounds wonderful.

  3. Oh that lake does look inviting and peaceful. So glad you had a day out.

  4. What a wonderful family time! I also miss large bodies of water. My hubby just doesn't feel the same way I do about the tranquility/vastness/powerfulness it evokes. He is more about the mountains, and woods. I love those too, but I do miss the ocean (and lakes) and don't enjoy them nearly as much as I would like. Glad you had a special day on the lake!


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