Friday, April 4, 2014

What I would Give To Be Sleeping In A Hammock...

The morning started out with a few sprinkles, then it stopped for awhile.

 The place is a disaster between the snow melting and all the mud.

 After chores I took a quick shower and went down to the gallery to hang name tags.
In the meantime, Kathy had sent me pictures she had taken this morning so I could see the changes that were made.  Here are her shots.

 We still have to cover the tables, but that's about it.

I love the space and the show looks strong.
Tina helped me with the name tags.  Joanne and Brenda also stopped in.
 Fiona was there.  What a cutie...I think she goes to work with Kathy regularly.

 Several years ago a good friend brought back one of these cloth hangings from India and I had my students do their version.  We call them "Peace Rockets."  (Named by Connie Bonner) We are hanging them over the table where we will be serving wine and goodies.  I like the way they break up the space.

 Mid afternoon it started to POUR, as in torrential....and I put the horses in by 3pm.  Abbe and Angel were soaked and needed a change of clothes.
   Berlin and Maggie were smart enough to stay under the shed roof.
 It was bad enough earlier...now it's really terrible.  For the first time since the indoor was built (1992) water got in on the west side.  Hopefully it will all be absorbed quickly.

 We ate dinner before evening chores.
 Mixed greens with onion, apple, pears and craisins...
 organic multi-grain bread
 and the rest of the corn chowder.

The flowers Gary brought home are still looking good.
 Chores at 6.
 Picked the stalls and gave the girls their grain, more hay and water.

 If the sun would just come out, these lilies could start going crazy.
 Sophie (and Seymour some of the time) are spending more time in their condo out on the back porch...All three cats are in the house at the moment.
I was ready to finish up my Journal and crawl in bed when Jenny and Scott stopped in after going out to dinner.  They were on the hunt for the last piece of apple pie.  Now I am awake, but ready to put on some PJs and hit the couch.  It's almost 9 o'clock.
Night all.


  1. Another full day for you that ends on a perfect note. The show does look strong, I wished I lived closer, I'd so love to attend.

    Our weather is better, I'm hopeful that we'll be able to enjoy a little sun and warmth this weekend.

  2. What a great display, pity about mud and slush. I, too, would be ready for jamas and a good book, reading in bed a luxury I do enjoy. Hope you get more sun tomorrow. Cheers, Jean.

  3. The show looks great!

    Muddy here too. What a mess this all is but I'm glad the snow is gone.


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