Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ponies, Plugged Sink, Plumber and a Picnic

 Another cool, breezy morning with brilliant sunshine.

 After chores Karen and I picked the pastures.  The grass is starting to grow.
 We have had a plugged kitchen sink for nearly two months and could not get at the pipes when we had so much snow.  Figured it was frozen from the nasty temperatures.  On top of that, the sink in our bedroom started leaking yesterday.  So today, Scott, our go to plumber, came up to help us out.
 We ended up needing new faucets and turnoff valves in the bathroom and after everything they tried in the kitchen (snake, water pressure etc.) the water is still not draining as it should.  I hope this gets resolved soon.  The barn roof still has a section of shingles to be replaced and we have to get some dangerous,  huge branches down from the willow tree that are just hanging by a thread (this tree has cost us a fortune over the years...don't plant one if you can help it).
 For some reason I was in the mood for macaroni salad and had no small pasta.  So, I emptied out a couple of boxes of bigger stuff and broke up a little spaghetti in it.  Jammed it up with hard boiled eggs, celery, carrots, roasted red peppers, peas, cucumber, grape tomatoes, Greek olives, frozen peas and scallions.  Dressed it with a combo of mayo and sour cream.
 As usual, the girls took great pleasure in rolling.

 They know when it's dinner time and got tucked in around 6:15.

 That early evening light makes me take more pictures.

 Gary spent part of the afternoon setting another 6x6 next to the kitchen stairs.  So much better with all the new stones in the driveway.
 He also started giving attention to the gardens near the back yard.

This afternoon I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to watermark my photos.  I wanted to post a picture of the results and it will not load onto my blog.  Another mystery...it shows up in iPhoto and when I put it on my desk top it just will not load!  Any suggestions?

 We really did have a picnic for dinner... uncured hot dogs, beans and the mac salad.

Now I am off to watch a movie (Quartet).
Night all.


  1. Check with Shirley at Ride a Good Horse on watermarking photos - she knows how to do it.

    Good luck with solving the plumbing mystery.

  2. Good luck with the sink. Plumbing problems stink.

    Happy Easter!

  3. What are you using for watermarking? Generally you type text onto the photo and flatten it and save it that way. It should show then.

    Anyway Happy Easter.

  4. I hope you get the plumbing figured out. That salad looks amazing. Happy Easter '


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