Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When It Snows In Florida, We Are In Deep Tapioca

As I write this (7:20pm) the wind chill is -7 going down to -20 later tonight.  Another day in paradise!  If we are lucky, tomorrow will be the last day of these nasty temperatures for awhile.

The horses seem to be doing ok in spite of this relentless weather.  Once again, the bright sunshine made a big difference.

 This morning, before I went out to the barn, Paula (across the street) called to see if she could borrow a blanket.  It was so cold her horse did not want to go outside.  He is now wearing the first good blanket I ever bought over 20 years ago.  Got it from Schneiders and ended having the front enclosed by a friend with a good sewing machine. It is my humble opinion that they fit so much better that way.

 Harley and Dancer were doing fine.  They have a terrific situation...a nice run-in that leads to their stalls.  I think it was a milk house many years ago and is very cozy.
 We ended up putting hay behind the grooming room (barn) so the girls could get out of the wind.
They spent much of the day back there.

 Class at 10:30.  Just Tina and Jean today.

 It was non stop gabbing the entire time.  Fortunately they can talk and work at the same time.

In the meantime, Gary was plugging away in the library.
 Sidney picked his spot for the afternoon.

 I've decided to keep the living room the living room and the library the library.
 In a couple more days it will be back to normal and I will be one happy camper.

 Tucked the girls in at 5.  The sun was blasting into the barn.

 Dinner was every man for himself.  Jenny sent up some white chicken chili so I had that with leftover corn bread and some multi grain chips.  Gary ate later.
 I did not sleep well last night and feel like a truck ran over me.  Time for a hot shower, pjs and getting out by the fire.
 Night all.
Hope you and all your critters are in a warm place.


  1. Sidney the cat is handling this weather the right way, snoozing inside in the sun! It is supposed to go down to 8 degrees tonight in Tennessee, and this will be our 4th or 5th night in the single digits this January. Unreal.

  2. So much for the "Global Warming" theory. Down here, there has been a light fall of snow on the mountains in the South Island, and where we live, a friend said 1 Celsius yesterday a.m. And snow in Florida. Who do the experts think they are kidding? The painting work is getting to an end, sunshine warms the girls, and your meals as delish as ever. Cheers to all, Jean.

  3. This weather truly is unsettling! Not as much for us because although cold, it's not unheard of. It's snowing an inch today on Hilton Head Island! That is unheard of! I'm just hoping these extreme lows in the winter don't make for another summer of extreme heat. But I suppose as the ice caps and our atmosphere become weaker we are in for more volatile weather. I guess the good news is I love the snow and I do love the millions of tomatoes the jungle heat gives me!

  4. That Gary is a hard worker. The room is going to be a joy.

  5. Love that Sidney always finds the best spot to stay warm and cozy. Cold here too, I think we've all had just about enough of this nonsense.

  6. Man, you guys have been through the ringer this winter! Glad you have a nice fire to cozy up to :)

    That chicken chili looks delish.

  7. Have you painted over the red room (s)? I forget if you explained that already. Duh! Love the sunlight in these pics. The cold, not so much. :))


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