Friday, January 24, 2014

The Monthly Dinner

The sun helped, but today we added wind.

 Another blossom appeared...I swear, this plant loves the light.

 Gary continued to paint the library.
 I'm trying to be very patient, having all this crapola all over the place.
 This picture is for Stephen Andrew in Ohio...a close up of the bench he asked me about.

 Sidney has taken up residence in the dining room.
 I spent the afternoon on the phone with Time Warner as my computer's internet was on again off again.  Apparently it's working ha. ha.

Went out to do chores a little before 5 as we had to be in Hamlin by 6:30 and I still needed to take a shower.

 Tucked the girls in and got back to the house by 5:35 leaving me just enough time to get ready.

When we got to Ron and Ann's we started off with a few appetizers....

 followed by a scrumchadeliosous dinner.
 I brought the salad.
 Tossed apples, pears, fresh pomegranate and  onions with a balsamic vinagerette dressing and set it on a bed of mixed organic greens.  Then I added candied walnuts and blue cheese and a little more dressing.
 Ann made ham with a mustard dressing to die for....
 sweet potatoes with pecans...

 warm pumpernickel bread and fennel/apple/cabbage garnish.  Fit for a King!!!!

 And that wasn't all!!!!!  Brenda made dessert...a double chocolate/fudgie/lady finger/raspberry and whipped cream yummola.
Over the past several years we have had some outstanding meals together...not to mention outrageous conversations full of laughs.  Friends!  Such a pleasure to break bread together.

Night all.


  1. I don't know, but every time I look at your meals, mine pale by comparison. It always looks so scrumptious! And, again, I'm in awe at what you accomplish day to day. The chores with the horses alone would be enough for me! God bless you Lorelei!

  2. Oh that bench is just gorgeous!!! The meal looks fabulous. Looks like your friends have a lovely open home. I'd imagine if we're getting six inches of snow here tonight-you're going to get a foot tomorrow!

  3. Hi Lori - I've missed you! It's good to be back blogging again. Love your snowy pics - as I sit here half naked with the AC blasting... Your header photo of the horse's breath is fabulous.

  4. Love the bench too. Your meal looks delicious. So nice to have good friends and good times.

  5. It sure looks like winter there! Sunshine and a few clouds today here. I haven't seen clouds in weeks. The food looks great, too, and I don't even have an appetite. :)

  6. Dear Lori, that meal sounds and looks, as you say, "scrumptious." As a 33-year-long vegetarian, I wouldn't be eating the ham, but oh the rest of that meal would appeal. Yes, indeedy! Peace.

  7. Wow - that was a super fantastic meal. Better than any holiday meal I have seen. And your new header is fantastic. Wonderful shot!


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