Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Dog....

Faaareeeeezinnnnn.  Just 10 degrees in the barn and below 0 outside.
 I was very happy to see the sunrise as these frigid temperatures and grey are a real downer.
When I got out to the barn, I did not have my camera as the battery needed to be charged.  Not a good day for that to happen as the sky was doing something I had never seen before.
 Ran back to the house to get my Canon Powershot and missed out on capturing the full colors I had just seen in this "Snow Dog."  At the time, I had no idea that's what you called it.

 There was a rainbow coming up in the East that was to the left of the sun.
 Doesn't it look like there are two suns?

 We tried to put the hay where the rays would be shining the earliest.  Anything for the girls!

 Fortunately there was no wind.

 Lots of steam tho....

Phoebe and Gucci went out in the back yard when I got in the house.  It was too cold for them to hang out in the barn.
 More steam.....

 Thought I deserved some French Toast after I almost froze my hands off.

Chorus at 10.  We are learning a lot of new songs.

This afternoon Gary and I started taking the books off the shelves in the library.  He brought home about 20 boxes and there is no way that will be enough (need over 20 more).  We are going to give away many of the books and will pile the rest in the middle of the room 'til the painting is done.
What a mess!  And it always takes so long.

Out to do chores before 5 and all the horses were in the back pasture watching a herd of deer.  Maggie and Angel did not want to come in.
 Gary had a dinner meeting so I am not doing anything special tonight....although I made a huge pot of vegetarian chili this afternoon.  That can be unveiled tomorrow.

Night all.

We are in for MANY more days of this wonderful weather.  Are you?


  1. Glad you all are staying warm. That sunrise shot is a beauty.

  2. Beautiful and unusual picture of the Snow Dog! Never heard of that before.

    Cold here too. Got almost a foot of snow yesterday and it's below zero here too. Might warm up a little by Saturday.

    Guess we will just have to deal with it. I do feel sorry for the horses they must be getting tired of dealing with it too.

  3. I have never heard of that and WOW it's a beautiful phenomenon.

  4. Freezing by anyone's standards, and specially when I convert it to Celsius. Super photos, nothing like cold weather to cause batteries to stop working. Hope all the boys and girls tuck up well tonight. Cheers from Jean.

  5. We see snow dogs or as we call them, sun dogs a lot.
    Ice crystals in the atmosphere create them.
    Aren't they just beautiful!
    I'm so glad you got photos of them.

    It is frigid frigid here.

  6. Being from NJ, mom misses those snow days. That Erie quiet when the snow is on the ground

  7. And so far, here in the South East of England, we have still had NO SNOW at all this winter!!
    And I'm NOT complaining.


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