Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ice Skating in the Rain

Well, the horses lasted outside until 9:30 when it started to pour.  There was still ice on the driveway and it was treacherous until the temperature got high enough to melt it.

  Karen and I tried a couple of options that didn't work so we put the girls back in their stalls.  The temperature went up to 50.

Still in my barn clothes, I met Gary in Brockport at Dunn's Furniture...looking for some new stools for our kitchen table...the current ones must be over 30 years old and the cane seats are giving out.  We found what we wanted and instead of going to Wegmans, I went over to drumming (without my drum as I did not plan on going) to discuss buying a new bag for my djembe.  I apologized for my outfit and sat in for an hour and a half.
 When I got home it was not raining so I put the horses back out and cleaned their stalls.

By 5:30 they were in for the night.  This is really Moon's last as she is moving tomorrow.  (She was supposed to go last Friday).  I will miss this naughty girl and hope everything works out.

Back to the house and Gary had made veggie cheesebungers with lots of onions.
 I made a quick Saint Tim salad and we had a side of peas.
Later I am going to finish up the last piece of banana cream pie.

It's about this orb thing...more and more people are trying it!
Sharon Creech just sent me this one....

and I just could not help myself, so here is my orb for the night.

Night all.


  1. To orb or not to orb, that is the question !!! Love the skating option, your very own ice rink, but not on purpose. Moon, she is such a lovely girl, I'm sure she will be fine. Greetings from Jean

  2. 50 here today too and foggy and rainy.

    Best wishes for Moon in her new place.

  3. Good night moon - have safe journeys!

    The thaw is the worse...especially when it freezes...again!


  4. All of these photos look gorgeous and crystal clear! I wonder if this is your new camera or if blogger for iPhone finally updated? Anyway...the mud! Ugh. I would so much prefer it just stay frozen and I not need to give Barbie a bath constantly. But apparently I'm not in charge :)


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