Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back Into The Deep Freeze

We got a fair amount of snow last night and I was out shoveling a little after 6am.  Gary joined me and we got the whole driveway done before Karen and Lorrie arrived for morning chores.
It was ugly out there!  Drifting, windy.....freezing!
So cold that we cleaned the stalls and put the horses back inside.

 They were not too excited about it....I left the radio on for them.

 The driveway was shoveled a couple more times before evening chores.  I'd say we got between 12 and 14 inches so far, with more on the way.  The worst part is the wind chill being below zero.  It might even reach -20 in the surrounding areas tonight.  Blah!!!!!

The girls went back out for about 45 minutes while I picked stalls and got everything ready.  Their beet pulp was warm and they all got extra hay and warm water when they came in for the night.

 I sure did not drive anywhere today.  Right now we are in a state of emergency and should not venture out.

 Made soup for dinner and a Saint Tim salad with pears, apples and craisins.
 Right now I am high lighting my hair.  Thank you Gary for being a sport and pulling the hair through the cap.  Time for a winter pick me up.
Night all.


  1. One very good day to stay home, I see Montreal has advisories in place for travel,, well really it is for no travel unless absolutely necessary... all boys and girls will be so glad to be tucked up for the night. Cheers, Jean

  2. Same here. Brrrr! I'm sure the girls will thank you for all their care and for keeping them warm.

  3. Your weather is all over the news out here. You sound well prepared. But I did wonder...what if you lose power in the middle of highlighting your hair?! Love the misty breath on the horses. We've been having comfortable weather -- 60 during the day, 30 at night. But no rain. We are dying for rain.

  4. Lovely to see all that snow, but not so good to have to cope with! We have storms here at the moment, no snow as yet. Good idea keeping them in the stalls, but I have this mental vision of them listen to an Equine Channel on the radio... are they playing Black Beauty and Champion the Wonder Horse music! lol.

  5. Sounds awful. We aren't getting the snow but the deep freeze with ungodly wind chills.

  6. LOVE the photos Keep warm Lori it is so darn cold I can barely type:) HUg B

  7. I recently felt snow and loved it. I didn't have fog come out of my nose tho

  8. I love that you take such good care of your beautiful girls. :) Just makes me smile, and wish all animals has such good lives. Thank you.
    Wow! That's one wicked snow storm! We're hearing all about it on our local news too. Sure hope all turns out well. We're pretty mild, lots of fog, and still not much rain. Folks around here are sure hoping for snow in the mountains. Not much at all to speak of yet. The skiers are very disappointed.
    Can't wait to see a pic of your new hairdo!

  9. Love that you do your own highlights. I had been worrying about you when I heard the forecast. Good job staying home! Sweet of you to leave the radio on too.


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