Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out To Lunch


 What a morning. Karen had to wrap Maggie's back legs, Elizabeth was here to give a lesson to Lorrie and instead helped evaluate the damage to Moon.  No driving for awhile.

 I gave Berlin another Betadine wash...the Vet is coming tomorrow to check her and Moon.

 I got back in the house with just enough time for a shower.  Sally was taking Judy, Gary and I to lunch in Rochester.

 We went to Pomodoro's.  It is such a comfortable space and all the people who work there are well trained and very professional.

 Great food and an outstanding server....Nick (if you see this, I can't find the card that has your website-food stuff- and would still like to see it).

 We had no room for dessert.
 Thank you Sally.  What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

Back to the farm and at 4 I switched the horses to the opposite pastures.

 It was pretty buggy (rain is on the way) so Berlin, Moon and Abbe headed for the indoor.
 Karen stopped in to change the wraps on Maggie and fed the horses for me....

 Berlin got another wash.  I can't wait for these hives to take a powder.

Gary went down to the college to a symphony performance and I stayed home.  Had a delicious salad for dinner.  Greens topped with bean salad and crumbly blue.  Big yum!
Now I need to put on some PJs and get ready for a little TV.
Staying awake for an entire show is a real challenge.
Night all.


  1. I know what you mean about not being able to stay awake for a program--Thank-heavens for recording your favorite shows!

    But I"m sorry to read about Moon and Maggie, and hope that Moom and Berlin are both better very quickly!

  2. Beautiful horsies, those lines in the sky are cool
    Benny & Lily

  3. You consistently have the most beautiful skies ever! Those ponies did a job on each other. Hope they heal soon.

  4. Beautiful sunsets and gorgeous horses(I always say that, but I love seeing your horses). And good food..been a while since I had a toasted sandwich..looks miam!

  5. Wow, what gorgeous sunrise photos. You really do get interesting skies in your corner of the world.
    Hope those silly mares heal up quickly.

  6. Wow we share the same skies isn't that amazing just across the pond:) Hug B

  7. It was hot and humid where I am at right now...yesterday. The bugs came out!

    I'm hoping Berlin starts feeling better.

  8. wow! awesome skies!
    & I do hope the hives go away quickly - what a drag.
    your horses are all so beautiful. I love seeing your pics of them. I've always loved horses - since I was a child.

  9. Dear Lori, I hope you had a lovely rest last night after your day with the horses and at the restaurant. Peace.

  10. I need to catch up?!!

    Hives? thats good! When i saw the shot of the throatlatch, all i could think of was "oh NO! Strangles!!!" I know whenever new horses come in, its always a risk...Poor Frostig had to wait two weeks before i would put him in with eb, and we were lucky he didnt bring anything with besides his good character ;)

    Herd management of mares is always more tricky then a group of geldings - they say take it slow and introduce one at a time to the group, or to pair them off individually at a time with the middle hierarchy mare of the group. That way when you bring them in, theres an established buddy already in the herd that will kind of look out for them... good luck!

    and as always... FOOOOOD! Your photography of your food gets me every.single.time....



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