Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Faking It

 Yesterday they finished cutting the corn on the north side of the pastures, and this morning there were deer right next to the gate.  Normally we never see them this close to the farm.  Phoebe and Gucci scared them and they took off.
 The weather change has started.  Sunny, but with the wind I was freezin'.

 Class at 10:30.  Jean is starting on a new black and white series...this time dogs.  To me, this is her signature.

 For the second week in a row, Gucci wants to sit on Sandy's chair.

 After class, Tina and Sandy picked apples.  I can't tell you how many bushels we have given away.
 Make a quick trip to Wegmans, then came home for the pasture switch.

 Angel is on a mud roll.
 So is Abbe.

 Now, Angel and Maggie come in when I whistle.
 Tucked them all in, and it was dark when I got to the house.

 Dinner was very interesting.  Made a Saint Tim salad with romaine, onion, oranges, bananas and craisins.
 During class we did a lot of food talking and got around to chili.  I had a brainstorm.
In the frig, was leftover 16 bean soup and some organic beef I had sauteed with onions for the stuffed peppers.  Put those in a pot and added a bag of our sauce, a can of corn and some chili seasoning.  Talk about recycling.  It tasted great!!!!

Night all.


  1. I have done that kind of recycling in the fridge before! It usually works well!

  2. Beautiful pictures. We seem to be getting colder temps too. Looks like a very nice day.

  3. Oh I LOVE Jean's B&W series print just love it.

  4. Gucci made me LoL - she looks like she is taking lessons!

  5. Love the mishmasheroni of horses, pastures, apples and chili . . . :))


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