Sunday, October 27, 2013

Even Slower...

 Karen had some help with the Florida Babes this weekend...and he happens to be quite the photographer.  I'll have to show you his work sometime.

 Never left the property ...in fact I watched a movie and took a nap this afternoon. 
We happen to like foreign films with subtitles.  Today it was "The Road Home" from China....what a touching story.

Very cold this morning, but by evening chores it was more reasonable.
 Switched pastures...then got started on dinner.

 All the girls were in a rolling mood today.  Their blankets and bodies are filthy.

 Tucked them in before dark.  Next week it's going to be very different by 6pm.
 Gary grilled veggie burgers and onions that were ready when I got back in the house.
 I made coleslaw....
 and roasted some potatoes and beets.  Yum
I have to finish doing nothing....
Night all.


  1. Lovely to have some help, and your skies, colours that say winter is near. Your meal makes me say " Yummy!", greetings from Jean

  2. Oh, man... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your header. That Sandman is stunning!
    Oh, and I could just gobble up that burger.
    Blahhh to the coming time change.

  3. Days at home are always the best. Hug B

  4. Mmm that burger looks good. And coleslaw - I keep forgetting I know how to make it!

  5. Boy, you are much further into fall. That wide shot looks cold!


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