Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Very Big Conversation....

Thank you blogging friends for getting in on the conversation about Berlin and hives.  I love getting input and appreciate your concern for my old girl (who is doing pretty well at this point).

It was very dark this morning...even at 7.  So was nice to put the light on and see these flowers on the kitchen table. There are still a lot out in the gardens, who knows how long they will last.  Tonight the weatherman said we could have snow showers a week from tomorrow.

 Flew through chores.

 Karen took the boot off Angel and she looked very good today.  I'm not so sure it was an abscess in the making.
 We had a little rain, but the horses didn't seem to mind it.
 Abbe is very interested in the Florida babes...especially Maggie.

Chorus at 10, then out to lunch with Sally and Judy.  I had to get my Greek pannini fix at Java.
 Made an apple pie when I got home.  We have been craving something sweet and did not have a thing in the house.

 Did the 4 o'clock pasture switch.

 The temp in our house was only 60 degrees so Gary built me a fire, which I sat in front of with my Kindle.  Starting to get back in my reading groove.
 Leftovers for dinner.

 Angel and Maggie had a good time rolling today...Karen will be busy tomorrow morning.

 How about the hiveless shiny coat on Berlin?  If only it would stay this way when she is finished with her meds.  Maybe a hard frost would help.  What a mystery.
 Said goodnight to the girls....
 and got back in before dark.
Night all.


  1. I'm hoping for a hard frost too. I'm so glad Berlin is doing better!

  2. Snow in a week? That's way to early! I made apple cobbler the other night. Same thing -- needed something sweet.

  3. Glad Berlin continues to do well. "Florida girls", indeed! Great looking pie - made me hungry just looking at it.

  4. So happy to see Berlin doing well. Hope it continues.

    The pie looks delicious. Wish I wasn't dieting or I'd go get one from the apple orchard down the road!

  5. Your flowers on the kitchen table look beautiful in the early morning light. Glad your Berlin is getting better. Greetings from Jo, Tanzania

  6. Yay for Berlin! The mystery usually remains intact, I'm afraid...
    Your pie is so pretty! I had a sweet tooth the other day and made a marion berry pie. Seems like pie baking is something that always happens when the weather turns cooler.

  7. glad to hear the hives are better!

    Lori, even your leftovers look tasty.
    ; )


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