Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a Meal....

 Slop City this morning.  The snow was saturated and very heavy....what a mess.

 After chores I took a shower and drove down to chorus...by then it was snowing like crazy.
 We had a very productive rehearsal.

When I got back to the farm it was still coming down....big flakes.

 We had our monthly dinner with Ron, Ann, Al and Brenda.
We were welcomed to Al and Brenda's by this beautiful old lamp that was out on their porch.

 Pigged out on an asparagus dip, chocolate covered almonds, cheese and crackers.  Of course I over indulged.  So good.

(Brenda completed a painting (from one of my photos)...it's so like the picture.  Too bad the shot came out blurry...she is an amazing artist.)

On with the meal....

 I brought a salad....romaine, onion, blackberries, apricots, craisins, bananas, caramelized walnuts and gorganzola cheese.

 Brenda made green beans...
 mashed potatoes
 creamed corn
 and Devonshire chicken with apples and an amazing sauce.

(Al is a carver...two of his birds were on the table.)

What a meal!  And except for the bread, the whole thing was gluten free.
 Ann was in charge of dessert...it was a torte made with meringue, pecans, cherries and heavy cream.
Off the charts!

Tootsie Louise knew I was a softy when it comes to dogs!
Another great evening with friends.
Night all.


  1. All that food makes me hungry and I just had dinner. Can't imagine trying to take care of the horses and animals in all that snow.

  2. Dark & Light.
    But Spring is coming!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. A great way to spend a night, with friends and good food.

  4. Wow! Everything looks amazing! Love your snowfall pics, makes me feel all warm and cozy. We have rain today and temps in the 50's...slosh.

  5. Hey, I remember that photo! It made a cool painting.
    Dinner looks...delish!
    We are headed for a warmup. Can mud be far behind?

  6. The food looks amazing. Wow! Those two are both incredible artists!

  7. You and your friends really know how to do it cozy! Yummmm.


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