Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Camera 1...Camera 2

 No spectacular sunrise this morning...back to grey.
Very cold and spitting a little snow, but the temperature ended up around 29 later in the day.

 Class today....all in progress.
Gucci and Phoebe bug Sandy and Tina for treats whenever they are here.


 Tina brought me a camera, another Canon Power Shot SX10.  I already have an SX12 so my shots today are from both cameras.  Roger called me this morning after reading my blog and offered it to me.  What a gift!  Thank you so much!  It will be interesting to see the differences. (Still need one that is pocket sized, and will go to Rowe Photo, which is closing it's store in Greece and has a big sale going on).  My little SONY has definitely croaked.

 Never left the property today, just read and read and read.  Thank you blog pals, for suggesting so many good books.
 The new chore time is 5:30.  It was very light tonight.

 Much more comfortable for the girls today.

Simple supper.  Sandwiches made with London Broil and cheese (put under the broiler) with caramelized onions, lettuce and Russian dressing....a carrot/apple/craisin salad on the side.
Speaking of food, I think I am going to start posting a recipe one day a week...
It is rumored that more people are starting to put fruit in their greens salads (as in bananas and oranges...if you can eat grapfruit, add that to your oranges.  Delish).
Night all.


  1. haha.. and where did that fruit in the salad rumor come from anyway?! I just needed a little nudge to expand my repetoire beyond berries, apples and pears in salad. Your dinner looks yummy. I sometimes pick up deli roast beef and make similar sandwiches. The broiler makes it. I like your recipe a week idea. I think I'm too sporadic in my posting and my cooking to make that work so I'll just read and enjoy yours!

  2. Wonderful friends we have Lori the world is a wonderful giving place if you truly believe.
    The cameras both work well I know what you mean about pocket size:) Hugs B

  3. I love my pocket cameras, they go everywhere with me and really they are amazing.

    We had another round of snow...and will have more rounds through the week.

  4. Now, that's my kind of dinner! Yum!

  5. I'd love a weekly recipe!
    That gray day looks cold. Gary looks cold too.

  6. Yeah for recipes! Your dinners look so good and not of the norm of what my family eats. It will be nice to be able to mix it up every now and then =o)

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  8. Friends, all over the world,generosity has no limits.Great food, and are they paint sticks, do you use a brush or a crayon with them? Yes, as your daylight starts earlier, our nights are already drawing in. When I get up, the sky is darker , instead of a bright sun shining in the window.Greetings from Jean

  9. Isn't it great when you can really see the stretch in the evening? Spring is just around the corner :)


    Love, Tim ;-)

  11. Looks like an enjoyable day despite 29 degrees. We are freezing at 50 lady. You kids got it right asking all those students for treats
    Benny & Lily

  12. I am so excited to see the evening hours brighter! It's not totally dark when I get off work anymore - whoohoo!!! I'm sooo ready for spring and light. Love your recipe idea (imagine that!) as I'm always admiring and commenting on your food. :) We made simple homemade pizzas last night and salad. I cheated and used tinned biscuits for the dough, but they turned out pretty well.
    Your horses all look warm and cozy even though it's still cold outside. I like that!
    Oh, and my music...I still can't hear it, and yes my speakers are turned on. Weird huh? I can't figure it out. I use Playlist.com
    Maybe I'll have to zip on over there and see if I can figure something out. Wild Horses would be so appropriate for my last post!

  13. Dear Lori, your horses always give me a sense of home for we had two horses when I was growing up. They weren't for riding. They were both old, having retired from the bakery where they were were hitched each day to the cart that brought baked goods to the households in Kansas City. My grandfather bought Memphis and Maude from Manor Bakery and brought them out to the farm so they could enjoy what remained of their lives.
    Thank you for reminding me of this.

    And here's a book you might enjoy. It is, I believe, a tour de force by a Canadian writer of mysteries. She has won every prize that's offered and for 2012 and this book I think she should get all the prizes again! The book is "The Beautiful Mystery" by Louise Penny. Peace.

    1. What a lovely story. Thank you. What a blessing grandparents are.

  14. Lori - there are folks in Kentucky, which could benefit from some good healthy recipes. Great idea to post recipes. Your food presentations are great.

  15. The fire looks so inviting. It's been a long time since I've made one. I don't seem to stay home long enough!


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