Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Snow Day....

Last night the weatherman said we would have snow today and it would start in the late afternoon.
Ha!  It started at 8am.

 After chores I drove down to Agape as the conditions were rapidly changing.
Ron and Ann made it in from Hamlin, and Gary was there too.
 Today I was on the elliptical for 21 minutes...longest yet.  By the time we were all ready to leave, the parking lot was covered with snow.
 Here's what my ride home looked like.
When I left my workout, the driveway was pretty greasy.
 Obviously the plow had not been down Main Street recently.

 Lots of snow as I drove into Wegmans too.  Had to get some milk in case we are housebound.

 When I left there, the road was getting worse.
 Not much visibility either.
 I guess I should not complain, as this is peanuts compared to what Boston is getting.

 I could not believe that Abbe and Berlin were out in the pasture.
It was a perfect day to sit by the fire...which I did...and read...and finally gave up and took a nap.
 Woke up after 5 and got ready to do chores.

Gary shoveled a path out to the barn and had half of the driveway done near the house.

 He put the hot water in the stalls and left the gates open, but the girls would not go in.  Instead, they stood out in the "blizzard" and waited for me.  They seemed kind of anxious.
 It's so interesting to me, that they could have shelter all over the place and they don't take advantage of it.  Instead, their blankets were wet and filthy from rolling in the indoor and they went back outside.  Fortunately the temperature was around 30 most of the day.

 Sidney walked back to the house with me.  Most of the path was already filled in with more snow.
Can't imagine how nice it's going to be by morning.
 I did make dinner.  Baked BBQued chicken wings, sweet potatoes and another carrot/apple salad (the easiest).  Also made some rice pudding this afternoon and forgot to take a picture.  
Domestic, lazy day.
Hope we don't lose power.  Are you snowed in too?
Night all.


  1. Oh how lovely! No, not snowed in...much to my dismay! Stay warm!

  2. Oh yes we are snowed in but that is fine with me it is Friday and My Hero has to get up and feed Annie and the cows. There will be lots of snow to move in the morning. Best enjoy the down time while we can. Night. Hug B

  3. I hope you don't lose power too. We are supposed to get a few inches of snow tomorrow. We've had a mild and dry winter, so a little snow is welcome.

    I love the photos with the big snowflakes.

  4. Wow! It looks like you already have a ton of snow!

  5. My horses have always stayed out too. I guess the snow heaped up on their backs doesn't bother them.
    Your snowflake photos are wonderful!

  6. Loved the photos! Just gorgeous! Stay warm and toasty. My boys are out, but we do not have the snow you have - only wind. I can put them in the barn, but they grumble. So they are out - they have their deep sheds but usually stand out in it. Their natural instincts are so different than ours!

  7. I looked on Wunderground, and Yes, you have it already. Keep the fire burning, hope the power keeps on going, and the girls stay in. Stay safe, Greetings from Jean

  8. Lori, your horses are tough cookies, but then their owners are tough too. We only see the romantic part of snow on Christmas Cards, Here you show the reality. Wow. Have a warm, fireside-lolling weekend. Jo

  9. Ooh I love your falling snow photo too.
    Stay safe, stay warm.

  10. Hi Lori. Your weather has been incredibly extreme compared to ours. Parts of England have had heavy snow though, so I think we must be in a fairly sheltered area (crosses fingers -just in case. Don't want to tempt the Irony Department).

  11. I know the snow makes life difficult, but boy does it look pretty. Love your photos.

  12. Stay safe, I heard this one might be a doozer.
    We are supposed to get ice/rain/sleet/snow mix with icy driving conditions for the next 3 days.

    I wouldn't mind, but I have to drive over valleys and ridges to get to work!

    Beautiful shots!

  13. I h ad to come and check on you. I'm glad it looks like you are OK and I hope it stayed that way over night. How strange that the horses stayed out like that. Were they scared of the weather? Take care and stay warm.

  14. I hope you've been able to shovel yourselves out today! I think that Wegmans is the perfect place to go for all the snow-day food, or just to be snowed in at for that matter! :-) But I do hope all is well!! Take care!!!

  15. It didn't start snowing here until about two p.m. yesterday! I'm glad you were home safe after having to drive in that! Blech! Snow is so pretty when you don't have to be out in it tooooo long. Your barn looks cozy. My lady would like a lanai like that for our barn!

  16. Glad you made it home safe and are all tucked in warm!

  17. Somehow missed these pics earlier. Looks like fun to me. Great snowflake shots!


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