Friday, October 26, 2012


I was up and out early this morning.  Berlin was a little better than she was yesterday as they were able to move around all night.  By the look of things, part of it was spent in the indoor.

 Picked the manure...

 and was back in the house by 8:15.

 Finished cutting down the bamboo and did not have it in me to go to tai chi.
 It was so hot I put the masks back on the ponies.
Gary spent some time on the porch of his barn...the command center.

 The clean pups were enjoying the weather as much as we were.

 Before lunch I decided to bite the bullet and went on my first walk down LaDue Road.
It is diagonally across from our farm.
 If my knee would just let me ride my bike!
 Must admit that walking makes it easier for me to take pictures.
 Loved the light.

 I ended up at a friend's home as he was getting ready to go out on his "bike."  He and his wife both had knee surgery around the same time I did and he has really done well motoring all over the countryside.  I tried it and my knee did not like it very much...maybe I could get over the hump with some practice.  While we were talking, Gary drove by to make sure I was able to complete my walk.  He saw us, came in the driveway and tried the bike too.  It was comfortable for his tendon.  Nice option.
 On my way home I noticed that Harley (across the street) was seriously considering going under the fence...
 and one of the chickens was over the other fence.
 Got back home...had lunch and crashed for an hour.

 Chores at 5:30.  The temperature was down over 20 degrees...breezy.
 Let Berlin and Abbe stay out again.

 Leftover minestrone for dinner with a nice salad and crusty roll.  Just right.
Don't forget to hug a sheep tomorrow (see post below).
Night all.


  1. Not sure about the hug, our friend's sheep are a little grubby for that!! Lovely autumn shots, Cheers from Jean, p.s. I looked at the hug-a-sheep post (forgotten the correct link) and those photos are stunning, I could easily hug any one of them, specially the Dreadlocks one!!!

  2. SO many good shots! Round mirror, light, kitty, nature, food!!!!!

    Weekend Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  3. A lovely photo journal entry. It must be the "creativeness" in us that allows us see things in a similar manner. Perhaps you find it sometimes difficult to accomplish since you are drawn into form, shadow, light, color, and so forth, so very often. It's as if we need a camera permanently fused to our line of vision.

    Forgive me if I offend but your photos are as if I had taken them. We see very alike.

  4. Yep, still loving Gary's porch and your temperatures! Wow!! I'd be out enjoying it, too.

    How long has it been since the surgery? My friend just had knee replacement done and is so frustrated with the pain and slowness to recovery, but I think she's just expecting too much. I think it's only been a month.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hope your knee can handle those walks because the pictures you took are so beautiful. I'm glad Berlin is feeling better. And I have used Samson as a sheep stand-in. He's gotten plenty of hugs today.


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