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Monday, October 29, 2012


If I don't add anything to this post, it means the power went out.
Hope all of you are safe and sound.

It is a little after 7:15 and we still have power.  The storm is moving faster than it was supposed to and is really slamming the East Coast.  Just got off the phone with a friend who lives on the shore of Lake Ontario and things are getting progressively worse....the wind is shaking their windows and pushing water in around the edges.  We are nowhere near what is supposed to be coming our way.

The day was relatively quiet until about 5.  Rain off and on.  Now it is pouring and things are kicking up.  Will "fly" out to the barn later to check on the horses.

 Sidney is no dummy... spent some time in the house today (tonight I think he is in the barn with the horses).

 This morning it was raining of course.
 When I finished cleaning stalls the girls joined me in the grooming room.  I love it, they come in when I call them.  No halters, no nothing.

 You must know the drill by now.

 Abbe would flip if I didn't let her come in with us.  A lot different with just 2 horses.  They both get some grooming out of the deal.
 This part of the barn has a "people" door and a sliding door off the back.  Over the years, all of our horses have had no problem using either.
 Afterward they went over to the run-in by their stalls and chowed down...not much pasture time today.

 I made one last trip to the store, did laundry, changed the sheets and took a shower.  Had no idea when the power would go off.  Earlier today I filled up an extra water trough and buckets so we are covered for a few days.  Being on a well presents some serious problems.

Abbe and Berlin went in a little early.

 I hope that 24 hours from now Sandy will have passed us by.

 How many times has Manhattan been deserted?
Hope all is well with my blogging buddies and friends around the country.
Night all.


  1. Sending out all the weather faeries your way to wrestle that Bad Sandy to the ground!!!


  2. Oh, my, there were two further posts that had nothing on the page when I brought them up... praying for you and your family over the next few days, that you are all safe and well.

  3. Hope all is well I will be thinking of you I may lose my power too. People are crammed in the grocery stores I could barely get my chocolate bar. :) just kidding it is going to be a little rough I hear. Everyone is scared not knowing we will get through it together. Hope everyone stays safe. HUGS B

  4. Hope you keep posting and stay safe! I wish it was Thursday already.

  5. OMW Lori, I'm praying that you're all kept safe in God's hands during this violent storm. (((Hugs))) Jo

  6. Hope that nutty storm passes you by
    Benny & Lily

  7. I love the light in this photo.
    Hope you are spared any grief from Sandy!
    the house is literally shaking here but so far so good.
    : )

  8. Stay safe, Lori. Thinking of you.

  9. That first shot is gorgeous. That Abbé has personality to spare. Stay safe in the storm..

  10. I need to see your place. Can't believe the horses walking down that narrow aisle. We'll be praying for your safety in the storm.

    PS: Flash is still numero uno, and he knows it.

  11. You did a fine job of getting prepared. Hope tomorrow's weather is clear and bright.

  12. Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it would be where you are. It is always a delight reading how gentle and cooperative your horses are. Loved the photo of the kitty on the pillows : )

  13. I would rather have my well that can be run on a generator than dependent on city run lines that could host a variety of problems. Good that you planned for the worst rather than get shocked later as I'm sure many did.


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