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Saturday, October 27, 2012


 No joke...we are supposed to have rain for the next seven days!
After chores I went down to Country Max to get more supplies for Berlin.

Last night I decided to put the girls in at 11 as it was raining and they thought it was a good idea to stand outside.  Very cold and ugly.  What were they thinking? 

 This morning Berlin was still gimpy...
 so with the supervision of Abbe, we went through the routine....again. 
 I think she really likes standing in the warm water...never moves.

 Such a good girl.
 Abbe too.  I think they liked having a break inside.

 At noon, Judy and I took Sally out for her birthday...we went to the Depot in LeRoy.

 Our lunches were great.
 Judy had salmon on a wrap....

 I had a spinach salad...

 and Sally had an open steak sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries.

Spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the fire and went out to do chores at 6.  Not too much time was spent in the pasture today.  The girls were ready to get tucked in.

 So far, the rain has not been too heavy....but, it has not stopped.
 It was pitch black when I got back in the house.

Gary wanted white pasta for dinner.  No problem!  It took all of 10 minutes.

We have been watching the weather channel off and on.  "Sandy" sounds pretty nasty.  May you be safe and sound as she roars up the coast.
Night all.


  1. 7 days of rain! No wonder your grass is so green.
    I hope Berlin heals fast, especially with the rain/mud coming. And I hope Sandy treats all kindly.

  2. Sandy is so very bad, from what I have read, and will reach inland areas as well as the coast.Will you escape the worst? Hope you are tucked up for the night, love your new photo header. Greetings from Jean

  3. Be safe! We are battening down the hatches at Dandelion House! Loved catching up with you today...

  4. Stay safe with the weather you are expecting!

  5. Hope Berlin won't have to suffer through that foot business all winter? I still love your wrap job and well,I hope you escape the Sandy stuff but moisture here would be welcome! :)

  6. Hope Berlin is feeling better soon. I always wonder if the storms will be as bad as they predict? I think there's a lot of media hype about storms. The weather men seem so excited about a storm coming. We've been told to be ready for 4-6 days without power. Hope you don't get hit too badly. Stay safe and keep us posted if you can.

  7. Your weather forecast is like ours! But it sounds like you had a good day from start to finish!! Stay safe, and stay dry!!!

  8. Will you be affected by Sandy? Stay dry!


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