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Campaign 2017
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Thursday, May 17, 2012


On Monday the Doctor's office called to see if I could come in early...he was ahead of schedule.
We drive in via the canal.
 They don't want picture taking in the hospital, so I only snuck a few.  First it was anesthesia.
 Then a visit from the Doctor and into surgery.
 Did not have much of an appetite.
 At night, they woke me up almost every hour to do one thing or another.  I was really doped up.
 This was my view during the middle of the night.
 The meds made me feel terrible.  My first time to therapy I almost threw up....embarassing.
 Naroctics and I don't get along.  Trying Tylenol.  Went to therapy twice yesterday and they said I could come home.  Got here around 5 after a painful ride in the car.
I had 101 messages from my friends!  Loved it!  Am going to have visits today from a nurse and Physical Therapy.  Will write more when I muster up the energy.


  1. Welcome home, Lori. I wish you a quick recovery.

    Love those sneaky hospital shots. . .

  2. You are amazing....or maybe just insane! I love that even in a drug-induced half coma you were compelled to take pictures to document your experience!

    Welcome home! I hope the pain recedes quickly.

  3. I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were going through all this. I hope you will hurry up and recover, all your critters looks so forlorn without you.Thank you so much for your kind words about Angel. I appreciate your friendship. Get well soon.

  4. Yeah you are home everything works better at home. Take care and I am thinking of you. Hug B

  5. Ugh. At least you are home. A much better view from the window, eh? :-)

  6. I didn't realize you were staying the night. All that kind of stuff is done as day surgery here. My niece had her gall bladder removed this winter and I was shocked when they sent her home. I hope you aren't in too much pain. Take care.

  7. Your family at home will say "It is so very good you are home,we missed you" How did you manage to those photos? Take care, and hope the pain is soon gone, the meds adjusted to be tolerated better,and you can look out your own window and see spring arriving.Cheers from Jean

  8. I am so very glad you are home. Please try to take it easy for as long as you can. You come first right now!

  9. Yay, you're home! Welcome home! Wonder if you will be able to slow down, mm? xx

  10. Hospitals and surgery...not a fun choice for the beautiful month of May...get well soon my friend!!!Ron

  11. I'm glad you're home. I bet your pups were happy to see you. :D I hope you're feeling better and I hope the pain is gone soon. I took ibuprofen after having my wisdom teeth removed instead of the pain meds they prescribed because they made me sick. It worked great, but I'm sure having teeth removed isn't as painful as having knee surgery. I hope it heals quickly!

  12. holy crap...we missed something! Hope you are feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  13. So happy you are home! I laughed that you were sneaking photos in the hospital :) I'll bet it's good to be home :)


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