Monday, December 19, 2011


There are millions of bloggers out there these days, and what amazes me is how we end up connecting with each other.  Quite awhile ago I discovered "Punkin's Patch" and was hooked. 

Sara and I left comments on each others blogs and got to "know" each other.  A couple of years ago she was coming up to New York (from her home in Kentucky) to visit a friend who also had a sheep farm, and I told her that if she had time to stop by the farm I would make her dinner.  Sure enough, she was game and arrived late afternoon with her sweet Corgi.  We had a great time and have been communicating ever since.  

A few months ago, she returned to Brockport with her husband "Saint" Tim to see the Erie Canal and visit us... (after spending some time with her friends at the sheep farm the day before). 

 #20 traveled with them.

Sara just happened to mention that she was looking for a nice safe horse and that is where the story of Hickory began.  I made a phone call to one of my horse pals, got a referral, and within 4 hours she was riding him.  It all played out like it was supposed to happen.  Within weeks he was delivered to Equinox Farm by his owner, Paige.

This was the day they arrived.

Sara loves photography, and the next day did a photo shoot of Paige and Hickory for her Senior Picture.
This was just one of hundreds!

Sara is a very talented artist and was recently featured on a TV show called Kentucky Life.
The segment was about the Christmas Cards she makes and sells every year.
This is the latest.  Her husband just happens to have a printing business (printed Gary's cards this year).

She also produces a calendar...
and creates the sweetest sheep!

 How about a wool wreath?

At this time of the year, she is very busy, but still takes the time to give all of her animals hugs and attention (sheep, horses, dogs, cats and bees).
They even go on field trips!
There is a lot of love at Punkin's Patch.

To view the TV segment:
Click on Program 1709 (Christmas Cards) and click on the eye logo in the upper right that says "watch this video."

You can find her blog by clicking on" Punkin's Patch" in my sidebar.

PS...Thanks Sara, for letting me use some of your photos.


  1. I love reading about when people connect in person after being blogging friends. I have to go check out her blog now... later!

  2. I love Punkin's Patch too....good reading!

  3. I will have to check her out as she is in Ky with me! Kentucky Life is a great program featuring artists in our state.

  4. Love the connections . . .and I especially LOVE those little (toy) sheep!!

  5. p. s. Thanks for linking to the program - really enjoyed that.

  6. p. s. s. Do you know where Sara sells those little felted sheep? I looked on her Etsy site but didn't see them there.

  7. Do you remember how we found each others blogs? Who was the common link?

  8. That was a nice little write up. I enjoy both of your blogs very much. Paige and Hickory look great together.

  9. Of course I'm a fan too. Lila hooked me.

  10. I read there because of you and really enjoy it. She inspires me to want more sheep and to do more (something with the wool) than just a pet. Isn't her place beautiful? (As is your home). So nice of you to make a post about her.


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