Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Brilliant!  The whole day was brilliant.
 Did a few extra things this morning in preparation for Romeo's entrance.  Organized his new daytime quarters, filled the water troughs....blah blah....

 Abbe, Belle and Berlin were very curious when a horse trailer pulled in the driveway.
 See the post below for more pictures of the new boy in town.

 Gary spent part of the afternoon working on a Christmas card.
 It was Jill's turn to do chores, but I went out to make sure things went smoothly the first night.
 I think Berlin was the only horse that did not roll in the mud.
 Romeo was more than willing to assist Jill when she was getting the grain ready.  He's an easy keeper and is going to love his diet here.  He and Abbe are getting the same rations.

Simple dinner.  Veggie burgers and roasted potatoes.  (Those are some of the pickles Gary made).
Night all.

PS-I won't be posting Rachel Crow's latest song.  Last night was supposed to be all Michael Jackson songs and I could only stand 2 out of 7.  Once again, they were WAY over produced...too much going on....totally distracting you from the singers.  How stupid can they be, to overshadow the people the whole show is supposed to be showcasing.  Ridiculous!~


  1. Welcome to your new boy, and I'm glad he's settling in nicely. I hope that continues, and I hope you have a nice evening (your dinner, as always looks delicious!)

  2. He seems to be fitting right in. What a nice horse. As I said in the other post I always find them so sensible. One other thing I've found with all my paints, they are really good escape artists and usually know how to work the locks and gates. Hope Romeo isn't a budding locksmith like mine were...are...Blue.

  3. Ah, Romeo, I hope he settles in nicely.

  4. Lori, I'm behind - we moved Elvis to another barn yesterday, so I'm just catching up. I looked through the older posts, and I didn't see the details on Romeo. He's beautiful! Is he a boarder, or a new member of the Skoog family? I love pintos, and I love his body type. He's a lucky boy to be with you and yours.

  5. Romeo looks like he is settling in nicely. That Abbe cracks me up -- she is looking soooo intently at the horse trailer!
    You deserved a beautiful day after all the rainy ones you've had.

  6. do you have room for 2? You make us hungry lady
    Benny & Lily

  7. Hey Lori! Love to learn from you 'horse' people....there is something very calming about you folk. The new fella looks and sounds great!

    Couldn't agree more about X-Factor...we have a hard time even hearing the singers! I didn't think Rachel would make it this week because of the song choice and production.

  8. Lori, Romeo is a lucky guy to have earned a place at your farm! What horse wouldn't want to live with you? Love the photo of the inside baby coming out from under the covers and yawning, lol. And as always, this meal looks delish!!! Your meals always look so pretty and appetizing. I am waaaay behind on reading my favorite blogs and commenting, but I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Beautiful Romeo. He settles in nicely. Hope for you he is not like Grey Horse Matters's pintos. Either, you'll have to put padlocks or bolts.
    Le Cheval has ridden a horse who escaped each time the rider forgot to close the bolt, and then he followed the rider in the barn as a curious one. He was a very clever horse. But in the dressage competitions, he liked to put the rider down at the beginning and to do the exercises alone... When the rider succeded to stay on him, he won the competition for he was an excellent dressage horse
    See you soon

  10. Handsome boy...no wonder all the girls are curious! Where is he from, how old is he, do we know Jodi?

    Can't wait to meet him!


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