Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So rare.  And people from all over the country are reporting unusually mild weather.

 This was my day to reorganize the barn.  Romeo is moving into Belle's stall and she is moving across the aisle.  Berlin has lost her 40' space and is in a mere 14x16 stall.  It's all for the better.
 While I switched things around, the ponies spent the morning together.

 No, Belle was not sitting down...I caught her just as she was getting up from a roll.

 You would think that spring was in the air.  Not only did they all roll, they wanted to play in the water and run around like wild ponies.

I opened up the indoor and they all came in for a few minutes.
Has anyone ever had horses get this filthy?  And they were too wet to scrape the mud off at chore time.

 I managed to get going on some split pea soup....and that was about it for productivity.

 Tonight, with great finesse, I got all the horses where they belonged with no trouble.

 See what I mean about rolling?  Jill will have her work cut out for her tomorrow.
 At 6 we went down to a wake for George R. who passed away a few days ago.  He was a well loved and respected member of this community, and people were lined up in the building and out in the parking lot from 3-7pm.  His wife, Rosie, and the rest of his family graciously greeted hundreds and hundreds of people.  He will be well remembered.

On the way home I offered to treat Gary to dinner at the Golden Eagle....saved the pea soup for another day.

Tonight there was a first.  Sidney, Seymour and Lily always want to come in the house....not Sophie.  So I went out on the back porch and grabbed her.  Look what happened!
 How about that Jill?

 All the critters were accounted for except Seymour...don't know where he was hiding.
We're pretty good at relaxing after dinner.
Night all.

PS - I'm still sorry Rachel Crow got dumped from x-factor, but it sounds like Disney is going to do something with her.


  1. Such fun, Abbe playing in the water.

  2. That Abbe! Love the video of her playing in the water.

  3. My horses get super dirty all the time.


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