Friday, December 2, 2011


 Went out early this morning...Lily had her headlights on.
 Started off pink and was downhill from there.
 The high was 38....couldn't decide if it should rain or snow.
 Let me tell you about Romeo.  He is an 8 year old Paint/Quarter Horse tank.  Jodi and her family have owned him for a couple of days (no, he is not mine).  So far, so good.
 I had to leave around 10 for a Doctors appointment in Rochester....
 This was my view when I got in the car.
 A little before noon I hooked up with Jenny and we went out to PF Chang's to use up a gift card that I have been holding onto.

 Started off with spring rolls.  OUTSTANDING....
Then we split an order of lettuce wraps....
 my favorite thing in the restaurant.

 Finally we shared an order of Sesame Chicken with brown rice (and I forgot to take pictures). 
Got my fix.

Home around 2:15....Gary left to set up First Friday.
 It was still ugly out there.  Jill had chore duty and I drove down to Brockport....
 to get a couple of presents (sales all over the place).
Ended up at the Alumni House....Home by 6.
Got a fire goin' and I'm going to kick back.
Night all.


  1. I really love PF Changs, and I really love being home when the weather gets dicey--Glad you're all tucked in, and I hope you have an enjoyable night until it all starts over tomorrow!! :-)

  2. Your visit to P.F. Changs does look good. We have been having a bit of frost here down south as well.

  3. My email wouldn't let me access you..... long story... so I apologize for this, here.

    I was a friend and reader of Carmon’s blog and I saw many of your comments there.
    Carmon meant so much to me, though we never met in person. But that’s the way of the world, these days... you find you can truly love the intangible person.
    Since she died I’ve visited her blog daily, out of habit and I’ve seen that you have visited often, as well.
    I’ve logged in wanting to be there if Mike should write something. I wonder how he’s doing, how the animals are and I wish there were a place where I could speak to others who loved her. She left her blog with ‘approval only’ so whatever I or you have sent in the past couple of weeks... it goes into the ether....
    People need a place to grieve and speak about the person they loved. I’ve created a blog, nothing remarkable... but a place where we can gather,
    If you would like to have a place to go to talk about Carmon, say goodbye... whatever, the address is Carmonsrest.blogspot.com.
    Write your comments, letters, whatever and if you have a photo or anything you would like to share send it to me..... robin_vice@yahoo.com and I’ll create a post with it.
    I don’t expect this to be elaborate... just a quiet space for us to share our memories and love for her... and then leave her to ride Star into a new existence.

  4. I havent thanked you Lori for taking us on car rides virtually when we arent going on many fun car rides in real time right now - so THANK YOU!

    gosh now, if I could just have scratch and lick on my laptop screen to really appreciate those spring rolls...YUM!

  5. The only thing I miss about town life is eating out.

    I love the tank type of horse. I actually thought Romeo might have some old style warmblood or draft in him.

  6. The lettuce wraps are Brett's favorite at PF Chang's too. Romeo looks like he has a stock horse build -- Flash does too. It will be fun getting to know him. I love your comment on Lily's eyes - they do look like head lights.

  7. Sounds like good weather to be in front of the fire with a book. Love Lily's headlights. The horse is very handsome indeed.

  8. Love Lily's pink headlights. What an interesting affect!

    So glad to see a sampling of Chang's menu...I just purchased one of their gift cards for my grandson in Denver, Colo.

    Speaking of presents...have you visited the Christmas sale at Morgan Manning yesterday and today!

  9. Love your new Header. When I think of New York I can't get the city out of my head...I tend to forget there is anything else around it, your blog is a wonderful reminder that a there is a beautiful countryside there as well with lots of things going on.I wish sometimes that I was a traveller, I would enjoy touring around the country meeting all these interesting people from blogsville.

  10. Lily's 'headlights' made me giggle! No wonder cats do so well in the dark! I guess they don't show their headlights to just anyone!
    I can't wait to see more pictures of Romeo. I love horses that are tanks!


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