Saturday, December 24, 2011


 At sunrise there were some low, dark clouds and I thought we just might get some snow.
 It didn't happen.
 Gorgeous morning.

 Only in the 20s so the punched up ground was a mess.
 Jill helped with chores and eventually let me know that she hurt her hand/thumb when she fell on the ice walking her son's dogs.  She toughed it out and left to go to Urgent Care for an X ray.

 I had to make one last trip to Wegmans and it was bumper to bumper in the parking lot and the store.
 Baked the ham....
 finished up the Swedish meatballs....
 My buddies were very helpful.
 Finally finished setting things up for dinner tonight.
 That bird sure takes up a lot of space.
 Jill stopped in with Ralph and Lauren, who wanted to show me this gorgeous Breyer Christmas ornament.  Wouldn't a tree full of horses be something?   Jill was in a cast and all wrapped up....not her favorite gift (I'm sure), but she is a real trooper.

Out to do evening chores...Gary helped me with water buckets and picking the paddock.

 Abbe is improving.
 The sunset was almost as beautiful as the sunrise.
 Jenny and the boys arrived first, then the rest of the crew showed up.

 We had a feast!
  I'm too tired to post all the pictures.
I will say however, that this is a great way to spend Christmas Eve.

 Many of our friends brought Finn and Coop gifts.  They were very happy about that!  Seeing that they were the only kids, I was very impressed with their behavior and manners.  At one point Finn said, "are all these people going to eat here?"

When they left, they said it was the best Christmas Eve they've had at the farm.  How about that....
I'm toast.
Night all.


  1. As Christmas night arrives, Lori, I hope your day has been an enjoyable and memorable one! I've so enjoyed getting to know you this year, and look forward to that continuing in 2012. Merry Christmas!!

    (PS: LOVE the ornament!)

  2. Merry Christmas Lori! Looks like Christmas Eve was fabulous - I hope that today was just as wonderful.

  3. What a nice night for all of you. Love those grandsons! We've got our two grandkids w/us and what a lot of energy they have! But we love having them so much. xx

  4. Poor Jill. Such a bummer, but glad she didn't hurt herself worse. What a house full. My kids would like that, too.


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