Sunday, December 11, 2011


A restless night (still in the body falling apart mode), but when I got up, there were stills chores to be done.  It was only 20 degrees with a forecast calling for a high of 38...lots of sun.
 Gary came out and helped me again.

 I let Romeo stay with the girls until 11 today.  Now Abbe is charging him!
 I went back to the house and made myself some oatmeal, hoping it would settle my stomach.  It worked for awhile and I finally gave up and went back to bed.  Was supposed to go to Rochester with Gary, the boys and Jen.  At three there was a performance at the Eastman... But no, I was in bed.

They went in without me.

 It was quite a show.  Did you see the SING OFF over the past few weeks?  The Yellow Jackets are from Rochester and this was their first gig since the show ended.  They brought along the Pentatonix (This year's winners) and Delilah, an all girl acappella group.  Two performances were totally sold out in a very short period of time and Gar said it was outstanding.
 Jill had chore duty.  I stayed in bed until the last minute...took a shower and we went over to Churchville with the chorus to perform for a Christmas Party of retired teachers.

 I was not all there, but got through it.
Home before 8 and am ready to crawl back in bed.
Night all.


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Lori. xx

  2. Lori, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. As for Abbe, way to go, girl. Run him off, but don't hurt him, please.

  3. Hope you're going better to-day.
    See you soon


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