Friday, February 4, 2011


Better late than never!

Sunrise this morning at Skoog Farm

To view other beautiful skies from around the world, click on skywatch in my sidebar.


  1. A beautiful way to start the day!! We FINALLY had some sun yesterday and today and it's so good to get my 'vitamin D' fix! :-)) I hope you've had a good day and I hope you have a great weekend too!!

  2. Stopping over from Verde Farm -- what a gorgeous sunrise photograph. It was worth the wait!

    I will definitely be stopping back to read more of your blog. I'm trying to visit the blogs that participated in the farm "party" today. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. In the winter, seeing a sunrise like this can make my whole day.

  4. That really look so peaceful! I am not around too much lately so I have been catchingDD up. Love the marmalade cat L'Orange!

  5. I have a 30 minute commute from west to east in the a.m. and the sunrise today was absolutely spectacular! Beautiful pinks, oranges, cerulean, gray... oh my! Simply breathtaking. It started my long day on a high note!

  6. I love the sunrise photo. I also love your valentine header. So very sweet. I glanced at your other post as well, and you have quite a busy and interesting day. The artwork is quite beautiful and I really liked the horse named Mustafa!


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