Friday, February 25, 2011


What a morning.  High winds from the Northeast, horizontal snow....and a lot more on the way.


I put the ponies out for 20 minutes while I cleaned their stalls and they were ready to go back in.

I'll put them out again before evening chores so they can stretch their legs.  It's supposed to let up this afternoon.  Here's hoping we don't get 10 more inches.

The fire is going and I'm not leaving the area....more later.

It's now after 2pm and the snow has been piling up for hours.  After this, I need to go out and check on the horses.

L'orange Marmalade has spent the afternoon lounging.

Seymour joined him....

Sidney and Phoebe teamed up....
and Gucci was happy to stay in the house for once!

to be continued after the next round....

I went out around 3pm and had to shovel may way to the barn.  The snow was 12-16 inches deep and even worse where it drifted.  The wind was so strong it blew open the back door (it's a good thing there was a chain on it or it would have been even worse) in the horse barn and there was snow all over the place...right where we store the sawdust.  Outside of Mustafa's stall (he has a space about 16 x 32 to wander in) there was more snow.  A plexiglass window got blown out.  First I let the horses out and gave them some hay...then I started shoveling out the mess.

 PC's stall window looked like this.

 The temperature was around 30 and the sun actually came out.
The wind even died down.
I finally finished cleaning the stalls and set them up for tonight....just grain was left.
 Then I started shoveling the snow out from under the shed roof.
 It was so deep I quit.
Finally, I shoveled my way back to the house.

Not in a dinner making mood, so we went down to Barber's for a Balboa.

Just what the Doctor ordered....so good.
We ran into all kinds of people we knew...the place was packed.
Actually, the village was jumpin'.

Home by 8:45.  Out of gas.
Night all.


  1. Why, it looks much like it does at our farm in Missouri ;) Beautiful! Thanks for the visit. I love your ponies, and that fire pic warmed me right up! -Tammy

  2. L'Orange has really adapted well to life in the house! He looks veeeeerrry comfy.

  3. I would like to snuggle up with L'Orange, so you can send him my way anytime. We don't have anymore snow, but now have flood warnings all this week.

  4. Lori, the pics are amazing again--I love the one of the barn while snowing-it’s beautiful. Did you expect this much snow this time? Wow! I know you were tired--amazing how much you had and how much extra work it makes. The cats and dog sure had the right idea :) Glad you got a great night out for dinner at the pub--how fun your village is :)

  5. What a snow at yours !
    About new followers : several times I have tried to sign in but our name never appeared. I may miss something.
    See you soon


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