Friday, February 18, 2011


This is the third round for Farm Friend Friday, and I must say...the farms participating have been very interesting.  Some write something special, others (like me) continue with the daily journal news.  To find these other farms, click on the logo (above) that appears on my sidebar.  There will be a list of participants you can visit.  There is something special about each one.

Now for the local weather report.
We have had one heck of a winter here in Western New York.  Here's what it has looked like.....

 January 23rd

 February 2nd

February 12th

February 16th

This morning

4pm today

Talk about extremes.  Right now, it is over 60 degrees and most of the snow has melted.  All that's left is dirty piles.


  1. Thanks Lori, I think so too. I have really enjoyed this and all the farms on here. It’s so inspiring to me. I sure hope others are enjoying it ;)

  2. Love the progression of pics. . .and what is that cute green cottage--is it on your property?

  3. Wow I like the way you showed the weather. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like them all for one reason or another. B

  4. Wow!! Beautiful weather and I can't believe all that snow is gone!! It's pouring buckets of rain here, thunder, snow maybe tonight-

  5. We have had the same weather extremes down here in Texas too! It was in the 80's today and we just came out of some of the coldest weather we have ever had!

  6. Truly amazing the transformations you have in one week. That takes us months!!

  7. Lovely photo's. I really like the changes in the weather that you documented with your camera. You're a very good photographer!


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