Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Nothin' pretty about this morning.  Foggy with some "warmth" in the forecast...as in 64.

I'll admit that it warmed up a little...so I called the ponies in to take their sheets off.  After all, we were going to be "roasting" today.  Ha ha to that.

Miss Piggy rolled within 30 seconds....and that was just the beginning.

 Annette, I will challenge you and Jackson any day of the week!

Tina, Jean and Judy were here for class today.
 It was raining and getting colder by the hour.

 Sara...see Hickory and ??????

 Dog treats as usual.  Tina always remembers.
 After class I went down to the village to vote.  I wonder what is going to happen.  The issue is the formation of a Fire District.  Yes or No.  We live in an amazing community, but the politics here are not pretty in any sense of the word.  Don't get me started......
 It was still raining, going and coming back home.

I had opened up the indoor for the ponies earlier and look what happened!  After they got nice and wet they all rolled in the footing.
 How am I ever going to get Abbe white again?
Put them in early as the weather had totally deteriorated.
 Then,  a visit from Romeo's family (he will be arriving around noon on Thursday).

It was time for a simple dinner.  Gary did some painting at Jill's today and she sent home some pea soup.  Perfect on a night like this.
 It's a good thing there is a fire going.
Night all.


  1. Romeo again! You tease, you.

    If you ever get out this way, we would be honored to take you for a drive.

  2. I think we should have a "muddiest pony" contest! Grays would need their own special class. Our slimy Illinois clay mud makes for excellent rolling - I spend some time getting "mudlocks" out of Dawn's mane!

  3. Why do the white ones love the mud so much...we just had a spa day for the 32 yr old white arabian mare...that horse loves to play pig.

  4. Wonderful day
    wonderful life.
    Smashing lion!

    you are mentioned in my post tomorrow. . .

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. I love that clip of the horses making their way in from the pasture -- not in any hurry. And thanks for the chuckle with Abbe -- you guys win this round. Jackson hasn't gotten quite that dirty (yet). But the winter is young. Pretty soon you will have clean snow and I will have mud. I might win that round. :) Thanks for your comment on the poem as well. It needs a little work still, but needed to get out.

  6. Abbe...my, my..Maybe she just wants to be a bay. Can't wait to meet Romeo. I am sure the girls will be happy too. Beautiful artwork. I enjoy seeing the progressive shots.

  7. Guess farm life is hard sometimes!

  8. Wherefore art thou, Romeo, oh, Romeo? And *whatfore* art thou, Romeo?

  9. Miss Piggy looks like she knows how to get the job done! I'll be our Mellon, Donnie or Grady could show her a thing or two about mud! Looks like a miserable day weather wise, it was like that here yesterday.

    You have some very talented students, love the works of art.


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