Friday, November 18, 2011


A photograph was emailed to me yesterday and I just have to share it.  Could they be more adorable?
"This photo captures the personalities of the four boys who occupy our hearts, our home and much of our time.  They are lots of fun."  Dianne and Doug
Left to right:  Riley, a 10 year old Wheaton Terrior , Mikey (therapy dog that worked with Phoebe in a reading program) a 7 year old Golden Doodle , Benji, a 4 year old Golden Doodle, and Brady, a 5 year old  Portugese Water Dog

 These boys have the life.  They are so loved and well taken care of.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mikey,
Loved having a chance to see your whole family!

There are a lot of cats in my family. There are horses, too. Bet it would be fun to have more dogs. Or maybe not. Would I still be #1?

Cloudia said...

which touched me more,
your opening words
or these amazing pictures?

Happy post. thank YOU

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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Unknown said...

Ohhh...I want them all! They are adorable.

Sharon Creech said...

Love this shaggy group! Imagine if Gucci and Phoebi were tucked in there with them.