Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Slowing Down For A Minute

Very chilly this morning, but so comfortable for chore duty.

 Picked some spinach before going back in the house and did a little weeding.
Then I made a big batch of croutons.

 Gary did not have to work today but did go to the Welcome Center to work on the bikes.  He had a meeting at 1 and this afternoon he took down the old sign on our barn
when he got home.
 This one is going to go underneath
the window to the left.
 After lunch I ran several errands.  I bought Phoebe a new harness, put gas in my car, picked up a few things at Wegmans and went to Judy's to check out her new deck and picked up these ferns.

 There is a perfect spot for them by the pergola.
 Hopefully Gary will get them in the ground tomorrow.
Dinner....grilled chicken, rice and  a delicious salad.
Those croutons!  Yum.
 Gary is out working in the gardens....

 and the pups
 and I headed back to the house.

 The peonies are starting to bloom.

Night all.


  1. It looks like all is well. Nothing quite homemade croutons. Seems so simple, yet adds so much taste.

  2. I love those white peonies. Some day I want all of the colors!
    The gardens look wonderful as does that new sign!

    I love ferns too and hope to have several more growing in a spot behind the shed or on the north side of the house!

  3. Dear Lori, sounds like a very busy day to me--but oh that fresh spinach looked so delicious. My Mom had a peonia bed with deep red, a lighter red, and white flowers. I especially like the white peony and the tiny tinges of red within. Peace.

  4. Everything looks great. The peonies are beautiful.


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