Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Slowing Down For A Minute

Very chilly this morning, but so comfortable for chore duty.

 Picked some spinach before going back in the house and did a little weeding.
Then I made a big batch of croutons.

 Gary did not have to work today but did go to the Welcome Center to work on the bikes.  He had a meeting at 1 and this afternoon he took down the old sign on our barn
when he got home.
 This one is going to go underneath
the window to the left.
 After lunch I ran several errands.  I bought Phoebe a new harness, put gas in my car, picked up a few things at Wegmans and went to Judy's to check out her new deck and picked up these ferns.

 There is a perfect spot for them by the pergola.
 Hopefully Gary will get them in the ground tomorrow.
Dinner....grilled chicken, rice and  a delicious salad.
Those croutons!  Yum.
 Gary is out working in the gardens....

 and the pups
 and I headed back to the house.

 The peonies are starting to bloom.

Night all.

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