Sunday, June 10, 2018

No Butts About It...

Just the right temperature all day long.

 After chores I started mowing the lawn.
When I get to the very back of our property I always end up taking photos.
 I must have mown the pastures at the right time, as all the buttercups and dandelions
did not come back.

 This morning Finn was invited to sub for a Rochester baseball team for
a double header at the college's field.
He played first base the entire time
 and had a few hits.
 It was a good experience for him as he has never played with this team before.
 I was impressed that he was invited.
Earlier this spring he played on the JV Baseball team and now he is on a Travel Team.
He will be a Sophomore next year.

 From there I went over to our Sunday Jam.
 The turnout was great and we sang some old and new songs.
(You don't have to listen to everything....I got carried away)

I love this group and the opportunity to participate.

 When I got back to the farm I finished mowing the lawn.
It takes me about 2 1/2 hours with a rider, and Gary does the hand mowing.
 The pergola garden is now finished, and looks terrific.

 Gary put in many hours, and it shows.

 I had chore duty tonight and the girls were tucked in around 7.

 Too late to start dinner....

 so we drove in to Rorbach's.

 Why we don't go there more often is beyond me.
The menu is loaded with good options, the service is great and 
so is the atmosphere.
Gary had a fish fry
 and I had a Buffalo Chicken salad.  Delicious!
 Night all.


  1. Busy day! I’m sure Finn had a good time. He must be very talented to be asked to play! Everything looks great.

  2. Another full and good day for you! And, if I've not said it lately, you have a really beautiful place that you call home - You and your husband work hard making it that way, and it really shows.

  3. Most nights I don't get done with rehabing the old fence and doing the garden work and chores until after 7. I like the longer hours. My husband has a zero turn mower that works well, sometimes I use the little mower to trim, but it looks like I am going to be the default weed 'eater' too.
    I would love it if I had someone to cook. I hate stopping my work to fix a meal.

  4. I love listening to your Sunday music jams and knowing we sing some of the same songs at our ukulele gathering too here in Baywood, California!


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