Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Icy Pits!

April what?
I had to put the Traks back on my boots so I would not
 kill myself going out to the barn.
One year ago today it looked like this.
Our driveway and stairs were coated with ice.

 At first I was not going to turn the horses out...
but they wanted to stretch .

 More freezing rain.

 Gary had a fire going by 9:30.
Just one of those days.
 He managed to get the ice off my car before I went to the Sunday Jam.
 The horses were put in by 12:30 as they were starting to get wet and I did not want
to worry about them while I was gone.
 By then, the ice was getting even thicker on everything.

 There were only 6 of us today and I forgot to take photos or videos.
We were acoustic the whole time...a nice change.

 A simple dinner tonight.

 Can't wait to get back out to the fire.

Night all.


  1. This is really getting ridiculous! Hope it melts soon. We could use some April weather any time now.

  2. Okay, that was crazy! We had that and I decided to stay put. I too am wondering what happened to that green stuff we normally have in April.
    Ice and snow here.


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