Monday, April 16, 2018

Out To Lunch...and Dinner

This morning could not have been uglier.
It was pouring.  I decided to let the girls out under the shed roof for some hay and even put some piles in the indoor.  

 I took a shower, got dressed and went back out to the barn at 8:30 to put the
girls in and they would not respond!

 Phoebe had gone back in the house and Little Wonder stuck with me, getting soaked.
I gave up on the horses and left them out.

 At 8:40 I headed down to the college as we were doing another panel discussion
for Pam's class... "Aging and Activity."

As usual, Chet F. the "Bread Man", brought all the students and panelists
a small loaf of Taco Bread.
Google "Bread Time Stories" and learn more about him.
He has given away over 85,000 loaves.

 Another great experience.  We love sharing our lives with the students
and they appreciate learning about us.
At the end of each panel discussion Pam asks "If you have one piece of advise to give these students, what would it be?"  Today's answers were outstanding.
 It was still raining when we left at 10:30.
 I flew home and tried to put the girls in again.
They said "no deal" and I had to be back in Brockport by 11!
I left them out again.

 I got to Java a few minutes late and had a salad with Helen H.
We caught up on all kinds of things.
 At 12:30 we left and it was like a monsoon outside!
 Finally at 1pm I met with success and the girls were tucked in for the afternoon.

 Their blankets were soaked but they were dry underneath.

 The outdoor arena is flooded.  The paddock is a disaster....
 and the "pond" in the pasture is getting bigger and bigger.

 There was no way for me to get into cooking mode,
so we met Judy at the Diner for dinner.

 It was just one of those nights.
 Look at what started blooming today!

The hibiscus are on vacation.
Night all.

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