Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where Was My Camera Today?

There was a very heavy frost this morning, but we ended up in the 40s.

 After chores I rushed to take a shower and get down to Brockport for a meeting that wasn't.
Wrong week. It was not far from Agape, so I went there in my non-workout clothes and put in about half an hour.  Extra, since I am going Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
 I took it easy this afternoon and did some reading while Gary went to an appointment regarding the upcoming surgery on his knee.  It's a good thing he is almost finished with room #3.  He thinks he's going to be up and back to work in no time....ha ha!  I had this surgery 10 years before my knee replacement and had no physical therapy, but it did take awhile for the swelling to go down before I was back out in the barn.  It sounds like the procedure is quite different now.
Who knows.
Dinner was leftover corn chowder and this time I made grilled cheese sandwiches 
with roasted red peppers as the side.
Unfortunately I have to go back out for a 7:30 meeting.
No time for a cozy fire.
Night all.


  1. Warmed up here in the afternoon today. Hope Gary's surgery goes well and he has as quick a recovery as he thinks he will.

  2. Optimism galore, go for it Gary!!! Your day looks wonderful.

  3. Yes the knee surgical procedure has improved dramatically over the years. I had a friend who did pre-hab therapy and then had both knees done at once. He rehabbed the afternoon after surgery and was back at walking within just a few days.
    Each person is different, but I hope Gary gets back at it quickly and it goes well for him.


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