Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Banana Cream Pie....With Walnuts

A very beautiful day, 77 degrees and sunny.
Those black bugs were back.

After chores I drove to Tractor Supply to pick up some grain and bedding.
Then a quick stop at Wegmans....always need something.

 I had a meeting tonight (here) so when I got back to the farm I made 
a banana cream pie for dessert.

Extra good when topped with walnuts....and whipped cream.
 When Gary got home from Sara's he spent some time working in the gardens.
It's going to take weeks for him to get them all in shape.

 We had breakfast for dinner.
Eggs, onions, asparagus and extra sharp cheddar cheese....
 served with a bagel and homefries.

New flowers for my table.
Night all!

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