Tuesday, April 25, 2017

No Soup Tonight!!!

It rained for hours this morning.  Not real hard, but steady.

 It was not all that warm, but the girls chose to graze anyway.

 It sure didn't take long for our manure pile to start growing again.

 Class at 10:30.  Only 3 students today.

 One of them, Shamra, has chickens and brings fresh eggs almost every Tuesday.  They are so much better than what you can get at the store.

 Little Wonder loves his Auntie Shamra.  
She went with me the day we met him at his foster Mom's house when he was 8 weeks old.

 We always wait for everyone to leave the driveway before going back to the house.

 Carina brought our regular bread delivery.  Such a treat, to have homemade bread without a gazillion weird ingredients!
 The rain finally stopped by one.
 As you can see, Abbe could easily win any piggy contest.

 About that soup.
This morning I took it out of the freezer to thaw for dinner.  Gary got home from Sara's and after he ate he did the dishes and threw away the soup!  He thought I didn't want it!  Holy Moly!
So, we were forced to go out to dinner before I went to the Town Hall for a board meeting.
Home late.
Night all.


  1. oops - just watched the news. We got 7 inches of rain, not 6!

  2. Oh I had to laugh!!! That soup all gone. Beauty flowers, lovely drawings, pity about the mud and rain.

  3. I just love that squirrel!! It is super cute ❤️

  4. We have been struggling with hard rains and wet grounds. Finally had a break for a few days but now? Rain again.
    Love how Abby loves to coat herself with all of that beauty mud!


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