Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saved by the Sunshine....

When I let the dogs out this morning it was -7.
Fortunately the sun was out in force and it made my day.

 The girls were out for the duration and I made sure their hay was in the sunny areas.
(Front paddock and behind the grooming room).

 It was even bright in the kitchen.  My hands were so cold I had to take a 5 minute break in the house, where Phoebe and Gucci were relaxing.

 Fortunately Gary helped me.
 Yesterday I really loaded the stalls with shavings when I got back from Country Max.  
Has to feel good.
 Next on the agenda was shoveling.  Our snow blower would not start so we were back at it.
 And let me tell you, we have a very l o n g driveway.
 One section goes from the road to the front paddock

 and then there is another one from the road to the garden....plus a turn around.
 Luckily, the snow was nice and light.

 Arrived at the Sunday Jam session around 1.  Only six of us today.  I always learn something new.

When I got back to the farm it was still very cold outside so the cats and dogs spent much of the day in their respective cozy spots.
 From the kitchen window I could see that the horses ventured out to the pastures.
 We've been cranking the wood stove...makes days like this easier to take.
Finally finished off the leftovers for dinner and I am ready for a big salad tomorrow night.
 We had an early dinner, and with the sun still coming in the West windows, I just had to grab a couple more shots.

 Yes indeedy.  All of our animals are spoiled rotten.

Night all.


  1. We woke up to -6 but it did get up to 10. Very cold. My pipes in one bathroom are still frozen in the tub. Can't wait til they thaw and see if the pipes are burst. But we'll deal with whatever happens. Lovely pictures of the farm.

  2. If you can get that snow blower in where it is warmer, it will start better. You can even put a heat lamp on it. Also, make sure to always use ethanol-free gas. It makes a HUGE difference and will keep the thing running much longer. Ethanol really destroys small engines.


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