Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And The Rains Came....

Put the horses out after they were grained.  It was spritzing so they hay was placed  under the shed roof.

 By 10:15 there was a torrential downpour...the girls were getting soaked and I put them back in their stalls for the duration. 
I went to Agape after making sure there was a trench near the shed roof so the water would bypass the barn and go where it was supposed to.  A garden rake worked nicely.
Did not get there until 11 o'clock.  This time I started on the elliptical (16 minutes), then the bike (21 minutes) and finished on the treadmill (12 minutes).  Can't go on Friday, so I will have to get there tomorrow instead.
 Home for lunch and a fire....which put me in the nap zone.
 My afternoon was spent doing nothing other than reading.
Dinner was a salad with pears, apples and craisins....
 along with leftover pasta.

Now I need to get back to my book.
Night all.
We must have gotten at least 2 inches of rain.


  1. Sounds like a dreary day, and a perfect day for a fire and a good book. What are you reading?

  2. We got the same rain on Tuesday night, almost two inches in our rain gauge on Wednesday morning.


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