Saturday, February 6, 2016

4 Piggies In Blankets...

 This morning after the girls were turned out, Gucci and I went upstairs to check on our
hay situation.  So far so good.  Karen and I have been very pleased with our 2nd cutting grass
and it looks like we have enough for the duration.  There have been very few days this winter, 
when the girls have not been able to nibble on grass. 

 Apparently Gucci did not want her picture taken.
 The temperature was in the 30s...may have hit 40 this afternoon.

 This is the last carrot from our garden and it weighs 2 pounds!  I cut it in half and served part of it today....the rest tomorrow.
This morning I had an appointment with the massage therapist, which I really needed.
Afterward, I picked up Sally and we went out for a leisurely lunch

at Ho-Jack's in Carlton.
 This place is in the middle of nowhere... about a half hour from the farm.
While we were eating, a huge group of people came in that were supposed to be on a 
snow mobile outing.  Each year this is one of their favorite stops.  Anyway, seeing there
was no snow, they hired a bus and were taking a tour of several establishments.
The place was jumpin' when we left.

When I got home, the sky was clear and everything looked gorgeous.

 And once again, the sun was streaming through the west windows.
 Below is a wire sculpture made by one of my students (in the dark ages).  Working with
wire can be a lot of fun.
 By 4, my butt was up to the fire and I practiced a few new songs on my Ukulele.
Looking forward to our jam session tomorrow.
 It was so light, I went out a little later tonight for evening chores.
 The girls were running around and FILTHY.

 There will be a need for a lot of grooming in the morning.

 Left over corn chowder for dinner.
Night all.


  1. I think we both need to enjoy the warmer weather while we can -- Frigid cold and maybe snow next week for us, that will probably drift in your direction. But it'll be made better by a warm fire, and hearty meals like the one your day ended with!

  2. Hi Lori, I love your title! Yes, Gucci is certainly having a bad-hair day. LOL. Love the sculptures. Above all I love your horses. Have a great day. Jo

  3. We had a lot of mules doing snow baths, while the cattle were chewing their cud and sleeping in the afternoon sunlight.
    Enjoy the weather!

  4. Loved the expression on Gucci's face! Your girls look like my boys. What a muddy mess they all were last night.


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