Saturday, October 10, 2015

Almost A Frost!

A beautiful sunrise and a very busy day.

 It was only 40 when we got up, but by the looks of the garden it must have gotten 
very cold last night.
 After chores I took a quick shower and headed over to a 10am coffee
being held for our campaign.
 The setting was perfect with all the sun coming through the windows.
 A very productive session.
 I was served tea in this stunning cup (from China).
 Thank you Archie and Patty, for being our hosts.
 Got home a little after noon and was picked up by Mary shortly as we were hitting the road again.
It was refreshing to find so many people home, answering their doorbells.
At one of our stops we were given a tour of the most well kept pond I have ever seen.

My photo shoot for the day!

 It was large, had a waterfall, dozens of fish and was spotless.
Here, I was standing on a little deck.  Loved the sound of the running water and all the activity.
 Took the rest of the afternoon in nap time.
Dinner?  Put some butter in a frying pan, added onions, cherry tomatoes and spinach...
 then threw in the left over pasta from last night.
Added milk and a lot of Romano cheese.
 Went out to do chores and Karen had already beat me to it.
Carrots all around.

 Made a salad when I got back in the house.
Spinach, onion, apples, craisins and grapes.

 Much better pasta the second time around.
 We finished off the roasted red peppers too.
Night all.


  1. We were pretty warm here today -- in the mid 80s. It's only been getting down into the mid50s at night. I'm ready for cooler weather.

  2. We are back to cooler weather here in KY. Not close to a frost yet, though.

  3. Very beautiful scenario. I just love it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  4. Thank you Meigan. Checked out your blog today....another foodie!!!

  5. Mmm, love the pasta dish and the roasted red peppers. Your suppers always look so delicious.


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