Saturday, May 16, 2015

15 Miles On The Erie Canal....

 Such an exciting start to the morning.  This was change the hydrant day.  Doug arrived at 8:30 while I was finishing chores... Gary got home a little before 9.
Not something he was looking forward to.

 As soon as I finished up in the barn I changed my clothes and went down to the Town Garage where a free rabies clinic was taking place.  Both dogs went with me, but only Phoebe needed the shot.  The place was jammed with a couple hundred dogs.
 This was one of my favorites.
Once the papers were filled out, we got in line and waited to be taken care of.  In and out of there within half an hour.
 Took the dogs home and drove down to the Welcome Center for today's Low Bridge High Water Events.  Wanted to take some pictures.
When I arrived, the Golden Eagle String Band was playing.

Perfect music for the opening of the Erie Canal.
 On the left is our Mayor (Margay Blackman) and Pam Ketchum is on the right.  Both worked very hard to put this celebration together along with an outstanding committee.

 Local children study the Erie Canal and were asked to participate in a poster contest.  Today they were presented with their awards, which included a print by my friend
 Helen Smagorinsky.`

10 years ago our Welcome Center was constructed, thanks to the persistence of Jo Matela, the Mayor at that time.  Today she presented a plaque to the village to celebrate it's success.  During those 10 years, we have had visitors from 45 states and 13 different countries.  Well over 4000 boats, (whose owners) have told us repeatedly that we have the finest facility on the Canal.  It is maned by 100 volunteers, who assist and register visitors 7 days a week from May to November.  It is not unusual for them to drive people to Wegmans or other stores in our area as needed.  We also have free use of bikes and wagons, if they want to go shopping in the village.  Hospitality brings them back.

 At noon, they had the "Pizza Olympics."  Four local shops sent over boxes and boxes of veggie and meat pizzas and it was our job to try them and rate them.  A rough job, but someone had to do it.
I don't know who the winner was yet.
 My friend Mary was working the table.

 A rowing club was there with some equipment, encouraging us to participate in a free event they are holding on the Genesse River in June.  Several of us (including the Mayor) plan to go in and participate.  We are hoping to have a rowing club in Brockport and would love to see what it feels like to crew.  It would be right up my alley, since I spent my early years on Chautauqua Lake. 

 There were several kayaks enjoying the afternoon.
 This is what it looked like when I got back to the farm.  Doug and Gary had dug out an enormous area almost 5 feet deep....by hand!!!!
 They were just about ready to fill it in.  Gary was not happy.
 Just as they were finishing up, Jenny and Scott came up for some manure (to put on her gardens).

 I look like a dwarf next to Scott and Jenny.
 Chores at 7.  A beautiful evening.

Tucked the girls in and it was every man for himself for dinner.
Night all.


  1. I've got a nice Concept 2 rowing machine id like to sell if you want to get in shape for crewing:)

  2. What a wonderful community, and superb event. Lovely to see the younger ones enter too, and get rewards. well done to you all, and Gary, maybe a spa, and be thankful the job is done? Is it all done?


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