Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Look At What Appeared This Morning!!!!!

 Karen found my point and shoot that fell out of my pocket on February 19th.  It was hiding in the snow near the indoor.  I can't believe that it was not crushed by the horses.
 Here are a few of the shots from that day.  Fortunately the card and battery are still useable.  The camera is very gritty and I'm not going to even worry about it.

 Chorus at 10.  Made a stop at Wegmans on the way home.

At 2pm I had an appointment with the massage therapist and had to go back to the village again.
She did a real number on me.  Always finds every spot!
 Tomorrow I am having duplicate bridge here and will be serving lunch before we play.  Had to make a second stop at Wegmans as my brain must not have been functioning the first time.  I forgot some of the basics....like bread, milk and coffee.  Duh.... Sidney helped me empty the bags.
 Made a big pot of cabbage soup and watched another episode of "House of Cards."

 We ate dinner before chores.  Leftover pasta and a salad.
 It took awhile for the sun to show up, but from then on it was nothing but gorgeous.

 I'm very relieved that most of the ice on the driveway melted.  This morning it was dangerous and I don't want anybody falling on it tomorrow.

 Tucked the girls in a little before 7.  We have a few wet spots in the barn near the front double doors...no escaping it with all the snow we have had.

 The weather we have been having has really helped my brain.
Night all.


  1. Damaging that your camera showed up and still works. There's a real difference in the pics from last month to this week!

  2. I don't think I can get enough grit out of the camera for it to work. Just the card and battery are ok. My new point and shoot has a stronger zoom and is working out well.

  3. Glad you found your camera and your photos are at least good! They're great snow pictures, but like everyone, I'm looking forward to those spring pics!

    I use the "Wegmans app" on my phone where you can put your list onto it--It's helped me remember things I often forget, but I do still forget to check the list. duh! :-)!!!!

    PS: Thank-you for your kind words on my blog. I so appreciate your thoughtful words and friendship!


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